Love Like Woe

Skylar Fuentes lives two lives. Her father runs a local spanish church and her mother works personally with the queen. She was raised to be a well-mannered, classy lady but she decided to go in her own direction. Drugs, sex, and gangs seemed like the right thing to do at the time. She found herself addicted by the age of 16 her parents never knew and still think of her as the proper young woman they raised. What happens when she meets an extremely handsome boy with a lot of cash while walking the streets who happens to be Harry Styles of One Direction?


1. Runaway

                                                              Skylar's POV:

My family gathered around the dinning room table in complete silence.

"Skylar, would you like to say Grace?" My mum asked. I looked up and saw many familiar faces eyeing me.

"I-I um-" I felt embarresed. This happend almost every Sunday, I can't speak Spanish fluently. I'm not my brothers and sisters.

"Okay, Marrisa would like to?" Mum turned to my older sister, Marrisa.

"I'd be honored to, mother." Marrisa smiled and continued. Hah, she'd be honored to.

Marrisa is the perfect daughter, she's intellegent, beautiful, religious, and couragous on the outside but a total bitch behind the scenes. If she's the ideal daughter, what am I?

The rebel? The shy one?


I'm just Skylar. Skylar Isabella Fuentes. I can't be described.

I live my own life.

"Sky, honey." My mum called, getting my attention, "Go eat."

"..Sure." I gave her two thumbs up and followed the rest of the children. I could hear my little cousins rude comments directed at me, their annoying laughs filled the large dinning room. I kept me head held high and took deep breaths. I can't snap, I have to hold myself together. My parents think so highly of me.

I get average grades, my behavior is er- I rarely speak or show emotion, when my parents are around anyway. I try my best to stay sane.

Sane, clean, sober, and safe. 

If they knew about the real me I'd most likely be spending a lot of time in Juvenille Detention Centers.

I know none of this is something to be proud of but you have to live your life to the fullest.

Living your life to the fullest could mean going to see the world or eating bizzare traditional dishes. Maybe it could even mean becoming popular or meeting your favorite celebrities.

For me it's hanging with my homes.

They took me in when I had no where to go. I remember a couple years back when I decided to runaway while my parents were in Mexico for the month.

They were outcasts, Latinos who wanted to kick back. I fit in, everything was going great until I started to feel left out. I did a couple of things I regret.



And everything inbetween.

I'm happy now, right?

I have friends, and a loving family but no romance what-so-ever.

Love is stupid anyway.

Everyone knows LUST is more dominant.



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