Death awaits

Anya is a 18 year old girl. She was at an ordinary party with ordinary people but when her date did not show up she felt as if she was the only ordinary girl there, she runs and runs as fast as she can away from the party and when she pulls herself together she decides to get some chips she hasto wait at least half an hour with all of these strange people whose were not right they were all scrunched up and they had fangs. Anya did not know what was happening she was beginning to think she was dreaming, what she did not know is that she was in the hospital on the verge of dying!


1. The beginning

I was at work one day with some friends that also worked there ( I work as a pizza deliverer), I had been given an order to deliver a pizza to the most haunted house in town she does not whant to go but of course she has to otherwise she would lose her job and if that happened she would not be able to pay the rent and then she would end up on the streets unless her uncle and aunt let her stay with them and that would be my worst nightmare! So Anya picked up the pizza from the kitchen and went on her journey to the haunted house of town.I arrived in perferct timing obviously, when I arrived I saw that it was not much of a haunted house after all mabey the people that said had only heard from other people and not seen it themselves

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