Please Remember Me

This is my first novel so please enjoy. Mica Braceros was a 7 years old girl who was friends with Niall Horan. But her parents forced her to move to California USA with them. 11 years had past and Mica still remembers Niall, but Niall doesn't remember her anymore. Mica then learned that the boys from One Direction goes to their school! Will this be a good place for Niall to remember Mica? Will there be romance between Mica and Niall? Will she choose to be in love with Niall and break one of her friend's heart or choose to just be friends even if she loves him just to keep her friend from breaking her heart? will any boy get jealous of Niall because he loves Mica? Read this story to find out!


3. Who is this stranger and how does she know him before he was famous?

Harry's POV

While I was checking my Twitter, I decided to check Niall's Twitter account 'cause I was bored looking at mines. I clicked on his account and checked his followers. The very first one I saw was different from the rest, it might have said it's full name. I clicked one of NIALL'S followers and I saw her last tweet, it said,'OMG! I'm going to see Niall Horan, my child hood best friend, sing again! I wonder if he remembers me from all the years we haven't been together! I wish he does ,cause if not, then I will be hurt all over my body! I would feel weak!" I wonder if Mica is the girl Niall keeps on talking about the first time we met, I thought. I walked to the kitchen, finding Niall eating a whole plate of food and Louis eating carrots. I walked over to Niall and asked him a question. "Do you remember what you told us when we first met?" "No." he said suspiciously "Don't you remember that you kept on thinking about this girl that left you ever since you were 7 years old." He gave me the 'what are you talking about' look. "Do you remember Mica?" "No, who's that Harry? And why are you asking me about her?" "This girl." showing him her face. "Who's this?" "That's Mica, but do you remember her?" "No Harry, I don't." "Well she's known you ever since you were 2 years old till 7 years old and still does." "But how did she know me before I was famous?" "She tweeted this." showing him the tweet. He still hasn't remember who she is. I was confused. I sent her a message telling her," do you know Niall be for he was famous? I've tried asking him but he doesn't remember. Can you please tell me? -harrystyles" it took 20 mins. for her to answer back. I read it. It said, "Um...I've known Niall before he was famous because I was his best friend before I left him when I was 7 years old and was forced to move to California USA. He really doesn't remember me, huh? Oh well! At least I still remember him and I will be able to see him sing and meet him for one day! Thanks for telling me these things! - MicaBraceros.

Mica's POV

I was heartbroken when I read this. Well at least I will get to see him for one night.

A/N: Sorry for this crappy story I understand if you don't like it!

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