Please Remember Me

This is my first novel so please enjoy. Mica Braceros was a 7 years old girl who was friends with Niall Horan. But her parents forced her to move to California USA with them. 11 years had past and Mica still remembers Niall, but Niall doesn't remember her anymore. Mica then learned that the boys from One Direction goes to their school! Will this be a good place for Niall to remember Mica? Will there be romance between Mica and Niall? Will she choose to be in love with Niall and break one of her friend's heart or choose to just be friends even if she loves him just to keep her friend from breaking her heart? will any boy get jealous of Niall because he loves Mica? Read this story to find out!


18. Somethings wrong

Mica's POV.

            Okay that's enough. I don't want my any of my friends feeling down. "Matthew, Sherry Ann, why are you guys feeling down all of a sudden?" I asked them as I walked toward them. "Oh um we're not down. Pft. As if. I feel happy for both of you." They answered at the same time. They looked at each other surprised. I laughed a bit at that. "Well just spill it. I am your best friend tell me every thing." I told them after I finished laughing. "Okay fine, well um I am I bit jealous because you have Niall and like you will every thing to him and leave me hanging, " Matthew said. By the way he says it I think that's not the real problem. "Yeah I mean like before Matthew or Niall you were always telling me every thing but when we met Matthew you started to tell him everything and you just hang out with me and talk about something else." Sherry Ann explained. "Okay what about today we go to our secret park and let's just play and tell thing with each other," I told them. They lit up and smiled. I laughed and walked to Niall. "Hey Niall," I greeted him. "Hey Mica," he said back and pecked my lips. "Um babe today I kinda have plans with my friends and like I was just asking if your okay with that," I asked. "Sure, do whatever you want but tomorrow do you want to come to my house?" He said. "Sure, but I might be late because I am going to drop of Criselle, my sister, in her friends house.'' I told him. He nodded and I started to walk to my friends. "Okay plans have, we are spending the hold day together!" I told Sherry Ann and Matthew. They cheered happily, but I had a feeling that there is something wrong with them. Why am I feeling like this? I mean like I have never had this feeling in my whole life. Weird.

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