Please Remember Me

This is my first novel so please enjoy. Mica Braceros was a 7 years old girl who was friends with Niall Horan. But her parents forced her to move to California USA with them. 11 years had past and Mica still remembers Niall, but Niall doesn't remember her anymore. Mica then learned that the boys from One Direction goes to their school! Will this be a good place for Niall to remember Mica? Will there be romance between Mica and Niall? Will she choose to be in love with Niall and break one of her friend's heart or choose to just be friends even if she loves him just to keep her friend from breaking her heart? will any boy get jealous of Niall because he loves Mica? Read this story to find out!


15. Matthew Cheers Me Up

The Next Day

Mica's POV.

I wanted to skip school today but my sister won't let me. I admit that she is a bit more mature than me even though I am an older sister. My mom would always send her to me because she wants Criselle to look after me. Why can I have some privacy that is 1 year long? Well anyways back to th story. I was asleep on my bed until I heard my sister yelled, "MICA GET UP AND GET READY WE BOTH HAVE TO GO SCHOOL!!!!!" I standed up and went to the showers. After I finish showering I put my white top that had a little heart in jail and some skinny jeans. I headed down with my phone and my backpack and smelt bacon and chicken. I ran to the kitchen and sat down on the chair. When I sat down I started to eat like a pig. I love Bacon and chicken so much that every time I eat them I look like Niall Horan. My sister looked at me and started laughing.  When I took a rest from eating my sister asked me, "So are you going to give Niall some chances to explain him self?" "I might give him. I mean like I don't know if I could ever forgive him. Heck, I don't even know if I should talk to him," I answer and started eating again. "Please, just please give him a chance. You guys were best friends. Aren"t friends give them one chance to explain?" She asked and started eating her food. "Correction, Ex-Best friends. But fine, I'm only doing this for you okay. But Doesn't mean I might forgive him," I answered. When we finished, we washed our dishes, took our stuff, look the door and ran to the my Lexus car. I drove to Angela's House and drove to school. 

"Mica, what happened? Why did you live so fast?" Matthew asked when he saw me. "I'm fine, Homie," I said as I took my some stuff in my locker. "Hey, what did I say about calling me Homie? I want to be called 'Sqluffy'," He reminded me. "So what are you going to do about that?" I asked him, closing my locker. I knew exactly what he would do. "This," he said and started tickling me. I laugh and told him to stop. "Only if you will call me that," he answered. "Fine, Sqluffy!" I answered feeling silly. "Now was that to hard?" He asked sounding like a 5 year old. "Shut Up," I said. We said our good byes and walk in different ways.

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