Please Remember Me

This is my first novel so please enjoy. Mica Braceros was a 7 years old girl who was friends with Niall Horan. But her parents forced her to move to California USA with them. 11 years had past and Mica still remembers Niall, but Niall doesn't remember her anymore. Mica then learned that the boys from One Direction goes to their school! Will this be a good place for Niall to remember Mica? Will there be romance between Mica and Niall? Will she choose to be in love with Niall and break one of her friend's heart or choose to just be friends even if she loves him just to keep her friend from breaking her heart? will any boy get jealous of Niall because he loves Mica? Read this story to find out!


19. Authors note.

Um I am asking who would for people to players.
Liam's girlfriend-still open
Louis's girlfriend-still open
Harry's girlfriend-still open
Louis's best friend-still open
Liam's best friend-still open
Harry's best friend-still open
So if you want this parts tell me your name, age, eye color, height, and other stuff you would like to include. Oh and the location on the places you guys met okay! Thanks!
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