As Long as You Love Me

Entry for the Justin Bieber Competition. :)


1. We're Under Pressure...

Front row at his concert. I feel like I'm going to die. I check my phone, exactly 7 minutes until the boy of my dreams is standing infront of me. 2 minutes later, a countdown appears on the screen. 5 minutes to the Justin Bieber: Believe Tour. My heart started beating faster.


I looked over at my bff, Lexi. She looked as if she was going to explode with excitement. Suddenly, the lights start flickering. Lexi started screaming "Destiny, Look!" I looked up from my phone. A tall figure was rising up from beneath the stage. Justin Bieber, Oh My God...


"How many of you ladies have dreamed of being here? How many of you ladies have dreamed of being up here performing to millions? I sure did. But now, I'm Justin Bieber, worldwide superstar. And tonight, I want you to believe."

He broke into song and started singing 'As Long as You Love Me'

I started thinking; If he could make it, maybe I could!

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