The Camera (Justin Bieber Competition)

Okay, I am not a fan, but because Fan Fiction is such a popular category on Movellas I decided to give it a go to see if I could write a successful Fan Fiction piece for the competition, As Long As You Love Me. Enjoy, and please comment on what you think as I am new to this. Thank you!

Molly is a teenage writer who hates nothing more than her own life. Her parents are pushy, her agent is pushy, and the pushiest person of all is the film producer who wants to turn her book into a blockbuster movie. It should seem like a dream, but when Max Champagne wants none other than Justin Bieber to star alongside Molly as the main characters, she can't imagine anything worse.


5. The Brand Name.

"So what do you do, Molly?" Justin asked me innocently.

We were sitting under a huge oak tree, under an equally huge umbrella, trying to figure each other out. Anyway, I was glad that Justin was getting a good taste of traditional British weather. He had laughed at first when he saw the colossal drops patting loudly on the grey tarmac, but I think secretly he was terrified that his hair might get wet.

"I'm just at school. Well, I was. I'm kinda a writer now."

"So you still go school?"

His eyes were unbelievably beautiful. God, I had to stop staring into them or he would think me a complete freak. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly I get tuition at home. I miss too many lessons doing things like this," I motioned to my new Pastry shoes, "And then I've missed half of the course already."

Justin looked confused. "Course? You doing your High School Diploma?"

"Umm..." What the hell was that? "Yeah. I guess. It's my last year of... High school."


There was silence for a minute. "So what do you do?" I asked politely. Shocked, he just stared at me. "Oh!" I couldn't believe I was so stupid! "Sorry, of course I know what you do."

He laughed at me, running his hand through his hair. "You like my music?"

I couldn't lie. "I'm a bit more if an indie girl."

He patted my hand. I tried to ignore the jolt of electricity that ran through my body when he touched me. "Don't worry, baby. We're gonna be spending a lot of time together. You'll soon grow to like my music."

I stifled a groan, and smiled instead. It was quiet for a minute, just the soft sound of rain falling quietly in the background. Then Justin stretched, and stood up. "I've read your book by the way, Molly." He helped me up. "It's real good. And Jasper seems like a cool dude. I'll have fun playing him."

"Thanks," I mumbled, overcome by shyness. Justin Bieber had read my book? This was not happening. Not happening.

"I've not done a job like this in a while," he added hurriedly, almost awkwardly. I looked up at him. "Not done a job... That let me be me. You know what I mean?"

"I thought this was you. All the concerts, photo shoots, T.V appearances..."

Justin stopped me. "No," he said, "That's the brand name. Me... I'm just a small town kid. I was nothing before I was discovered."

I was shocked. Maybe, just maybe, we weren't so different after all. My mind kept on going back to when I was at school; when I stuck rigidly to socialising in my small friendship circle, when I kept my head down in class, when I blushed whenever a teacher talked to me. And now... Justin was right. Neither of us actually were ourselves while we were working. Justin grabbed my hand instantaneously, and I had to fight to ignore the sharp sting of electricity rushing through my veins.

"Let's just keep this real, Molly," he said. "Let this film be us."

I beamed. All at once all of my preceding judgements about how this star was going to be were whipped away in a moment. I squeezed his hand back.


"I'll pick you up tomorrow, babe."

I watched with wonderment as Justin walked away from me, hands in his pockets, head held up high as if he was on top of the world. Suddenly, I realised I had no clue what he was going on about.

"Wait!" I yelled after him. "What's tomorrow?"

He turned back and grinned. The rain was making his hair deflate. "Press conference. Be ready at ten."

And Justin Bieber was gone.

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