The Camera (Justin Bieber Competition)

Okay, I am not a fan, but because Fan Fiction is such a popular category on Movellas I decided to give it a go to see if I could write a successful Fan Fiction piece for the competition, As Long As You Love Me. Enjoy, and please comment on what you think as I am new to this. Thank you!

Molly is a teenage writer who hates nothing more than her own life. Her parents are pushy, her agent is pushy, and the pushiest person of all is the film producer who wants to turn her book into a blockbuster movie. It should seem like a dream, but when Max Champagne wants none other than Justin Bieber to star alongside Molly as the main characters, she can't imagine anything worse.


2. Rise and Shine.

"Hello, and welcome to Rise and Shine!" 

The jingle was so unbelievably cheesy that I wanted to bury my head in my hands, but of course that would ruin my hair.

My hair.

It took them two whole hours just to do my hair. If one of the questions they were going to ask me was, "So, Molly, you've had a great life, but what has to be the hardest experience you've been through?" I'd have to answer, "Well, Lorna, it has to be this morning when I spent two hours in the make up chair drinking cold coffee having each and every piece of my hair curled."

But I suppose that would make Maggie upset. She looked as if she was about to cry when she saw the masterpiece: my light blonde hair perfectly curled, my Juicy Couture dress clinging to the sides of my body tightly, and my skin blemish free, T.V ready.

And now I was sitting in the fluffy pink bowl-shaped chair next to Rise and Shine presenter Lorna, beaming at the cameras professionally, flicking my hair back every couple of seconds, trying to remember all that Maggie had whispered to me hastily four seconds before we were on air. We had already been through five minutes of the same old questions:

"So how long have you been writing?"

"What got you started on your book, 'Forgiving Justice'?"

"How do you feel about the public's response?"

"Any regrets?"

But now it was time for my 'big surprise'. To be perfectly honest I wasn't really looking forward to it; normally it was a scrapbook made by a teenage fan, or a T-shirt with the logo of whatever show I was on printed on the front, and I always had to act like it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Now I was preparing myself for the T-shirt. Or if I was lucky, a pen.

"So, Molly, are you ready for your big surprise?"

I grinned what I hoped to be a genuine smile. "I can't wait, Lorna!"

Lorna smiled at me gratefully. "Well, we just received news from your management this morning..."

Hold on. This wasn't a T-shirt. "...And they couldn't wait until after the show to tell you so... We decided to tell you live on air!"

My heart started hammering. I wasn't prepared for this. It's just a new batch of books coming out, I told myself, It's just more money, that's the reason they're so thrilled.

Lorna was leaning towards me, smelling so potently of Chanel No. 5 that I felt nauseous. She almost whispered it.

"Your book, 'Forgiving Justice'..."

I waited with baited breath. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Maggie, jumping up and down, drunk with joy.

"... Is going to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster!"

I blinked.

Suddenly the studio lights were too bright. I shielded my eyes childishly, even though Maggie had told me a million times that it looked unprofessional. I could only think of one word to utter. "What?"

"And guess who's going to star alongside you in the movie?"

What. This was something that they hadn't mentioned. 

"am starring in my own movie?"

Lorna nodded, looking almost giddy with the tension she was building. After a few seconds, I realised that she wanted me to actually answer the question she had asked. I thought that it was rhetorical. 

"Tell me," I said, "who is starring alongside me in the movie?"

"Playing Jasper." Lorna added.

"Playing Jasper," I repeated.

For a split second I completely forgot that I was on T.V. That Lorna was interviewing me. That I was a top selling author; my book that took me just a year to write was being made into a Hollywood movie. I waited for the name, knowing that this person would without a doubt be the most important, most significant person in my life for a very long time.

"Justin Bieber."

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