The Camera (Justin Bieber Competition)

Okay, I am not a fan, but because Fan Fiction is such a popular category on Movellas I decided to give it a go to see if I could write a successful Fan Fiction piece for the competition, As Long As You Love Me. Enjoy, and please comment on what you think as I am new to this. Thank you!

Molly is a teenage writer who hates nothing more than her own life. Her parents are pushy, her agent is pushy, and the pushiest person of all is the film producer who wants to turn her book into a blockbuster movie. It should seem like a dream, but when Max Champagne wants none other than Justin Bieber to star alongside Molly as the main characters, she can't imagine anything worse.


14. Paparazzi

"That. Was. Just. Awesome."

Max Champagne spoke the words separately, detached, as if to put emphasis on each word so strongly that more people would listen to him. Sure enough, every member of the cast sitting on the huge long table lifted their exhausted heads up and eyed Champagne wearily. He beamed at us, folding his ring adorned hands.

"I mean, seriously." He shook his head slightly, in disbelief. "I could honestly feel the love between you two." I couldn't help smirking at how thick his accent was, it almost sounded like he was being sarcastic.

Justin grinned at me, and I squeezed his hand. Apart from Max, I don't think that anyone knew that we were actually together. And that's the way I wanted to keep it. For now anyway.

Shyly, I looked at each member of my 'family' seated opposite and around me. The burly blonde-haired American who was playing Jamie seemed friendly enough; the first thing he said to me when we had met was, "do you want an arm wrestle?", but apart from that I figured he was normal. The nine year old brat named Mackenzie, who was playing Eden, however was another story. Five minutes after we were meant to begin the read-through she had waltzed in, a smoothie in her hand, her long bleached curls flicked over her shoulder like a model's. Despite her age she was dressed maturely, with coral pink skinny jeans and a low cut white blouse. Her panicked agent ran along ahead of her protectively, though I thought that it was to warn everyone ahead of her that she was here. "Justin!" She had proclaimed to my boyfriend like they were old friends, "Delighted to meet you! And..." She had eyed me suspiciously. Justin had to tell her three times that I was starring in the movie before she took him seriously.

But apart from those few strange happenings, it had went okay. Max seemed happy enough with my acting, though I had done it so few times in my career, and secretly I thought he was happier with the money I would make doing publicity; but I tried to put that out of my head for now. 

As everyone was chatting quietly at the end (or loudly in Mackenzie's case), I whispered to Justin quickly, taking his arm, "Can we go now?"

He smiled at me, and strained my waist to his. "Sure thing, babe."

I waited patiently as I had to kiss virtually everyone's cheek, and swap numbers with most cast members, and while Justin was trying to peel Mackenzie off his arm I flicked open my phone. One missed call from Maggie.

Okay, I knew I shouldn't be worried. But honestly, I hadn't thought once about Maggie or my Mum during my stay here in Hollywood. I mean with the dinners, the costume fittings, the public appearances... I just hadn't had time. I knew how shallow that sounded, but it was true. 

I was just about to call her back when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Kenny whispered in my ear. "Let's go." 

Automatically I followed Kenny's signal and slipped on my sunglasses, putting on Justin's old snapback as we walked across the parking area to the black mercedes waiting for us. Justin jogged up to walk beside me just as the first scream came. "Shoot," he muttered, and slipped on his sunglasses as well. He pulled up his hood quickly and curled his arm around my waist as I looked sideways. To my horror about twenty screaming girls were waiting by the barriers right next to the mercedes. I trembled, and Justin hugged me closer. "Almost there," he whispered into my ear.

When we had finally got into the car, Justin swore softly and pulled down his hood. He still wore his sunglasses, so I kept mine on too. "What happened to loving your fans?" I asked him jokily as the driver started the purring engine, "You've probably just broken twenty little girl's hearts."

I stopped laughing when I saw his face. "I hate hurting them," he murmured miserably, "I just get fed up sometimes, you know?"

"Actually I don't," I answered him bluntly, "I don't know what it's like. And hopefully I won't have to."

He looked at me strangely then, looking into my eyes properly. "What do you mean?"

I sighed, staring at the huge buildings zooming past us outside the blackened-out windows. "Well... No offence Justin, but I'd hate to have my picture taken and put into a magazine like you have. It's like you're just exposed to the whole world."

Justin was silent. He didn't look at me again until we had got to the hotel.

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