The Camera (Justin Bieber Competition)

Okay, I am not a fan, but because Fan Fiction is such a popular category on Movellas I decided to give it a go to see if I could write a successful Fan Fiction piece for the competition, As Long As You Love Me. Enjoy, and please comment on what you think as I am new to this. Thank you!

Molly is a teenage writer who hates nothing more than her own life. Her parents are pushy, her agent is pushy, and the pushiest person of all is the film producer who wants to turn her book into a blockbuster movie. It should seem like a dream, but when Max Champagne wants none other than Justin Bieber to star alongside Molly as the main characters, she can't imagine anything worse.


11. By Candlelight.

"Do we really have to do this?" I grumbled, as Justin and I got out of the limo and made our way to the restaurant doors carefully, trying to not trip over the paparazzi crouching on the floor to get the best shot of us walking together. "You know room service at five star hotels is always very nice."

Justin gave me a look. "This is your present." Then he corrected himself, and smiled. "A gift from me to you."

"Well why do they have to keep following us?" I threw a disgusted glance at the paparazzi. Didn't he ever get sick of middle-aged men being two steps behind him every hour of every day; prying on his every move?

Justin took my hand and looked down at me. "If that was the only way to feed your family," he asked, "Wouldn't you do the same?"

                                                                 * * *

After the waiter, dressed in a sleek black tuxedo, had shown us to our table in the far corner in the restaurant and discretely shooed the prying paparazzi from the door, I began to relax. Now I had known Justin for almost a month, I was starting to relish the idea of being in a film with him, and his presence now had started to feel a little less terrifying.

Being with Justin was almost as easy as breathing clean air, but with a little smoke in the air that still made you cough.

As he pulled out my chair for me to sit down, I quickly ran my eyes over what he was wearing tonight. Skinny navy slacks covered his legs, and on top he wore a loosely buttoned white shirt with a midnight blue coloured jacket. I thought I looked ridiculous in my coral pink dress which floated right down to my ankles, but Justin seemed to like it, and stupidly that's what mattered to me.

Besides, as Justin hated anyone wearing the same outfit twice, if I wore it tonight I wouldn't have to wear it ever again in Hollywood.

"Can I get you a drink?" Justin asked me. I had just noticed how very gold his eyes were, and how incredibly long the lashes were above them. 

"Drink?" Justin grinned, seeing that I was distracted.

"Um... Yeah, sure."

"Wine okay with you? I tend to go for red."

Wine? The most alcohol I had ever drunk was a glass of champagne at my Grandmother's sixtieth birthday. And even then I hadn't finished it. But no one could refuse those eyes. Anyway, I wanted to prove that I was mature enough for him.

I forced a smile. "That would be lovely."

As Justin called the waiter over, I treated myself to a good, long look. For a second I could see what so many fans saw in him, but at the same time I doubt they could see the beauty in him that I did. When they saw a sexy six-pack, I saw an angelic-like muscular chest, and more importantly the face above it. 

Once the waiter had poured our glasses generously with luxurious red wine, Justin took out a lighter with a Canadian flag on it and lit the candle in the middle of the table. I looked down, embarrassed but secretly delighted at the gesture.

"Any guys ever taken you out to dinner before, Molly?"

I paused for a moment, unsure whether to lie or tell the shaming truth. I decided to stick with the facts, seeing as Justin had done the same with me.

"I've never had a boyfriend."

Justin leant forward closer to me, so that I could feel his warm sweet-smelling breath on my face. "Any particular reason why?" His voice was husky.

I blushed again, but decided to look into his coffee eyes. I didn't know when I was going to get this close again. "I've just never met any guys like..."

I stopped myself just in time. I was about to say 'I've never met any guys like you before.'

I sighed. "I guess I've just never met a guy who I wanted to be with."

I looked up quickly, and all of a sudden he was close. Closer than he had ever been before, closer than anyone had been before with me. Justin's face froze for a moment, and my breath began coming out in sharp little gulps. For the life of me, I could not believe that this was happening. His lips touched mine for a moment, brief and fleetingly, and then they were gone. I could still feel the warmth on my mouth as he pulled away slowly, gently, looking at me with a face that could have only belonged to an angel.

"I'm sorry," Justin seemed to whisper, and then he was up, out of his seat, and staring at nothing in particular with a look of utter absorption.

"I need to sort things out."

"Sort what out...?" I tried to ask him, but he was already gone, the door to the male toilets swinging after his hasty entrance.

I don't think either of us believed what had happened just then.

I don't think either of us wanted to believe it.

I tried to tell myself that this was wrong on so many levels. He was eighteen, I was fifteen. He was beautiful, I was... average. He was talented, I was lucky.

This could never work out.

The problem was, I found myself wanting it to work out. I wanted this to be real, not some absurd dream that I would inevitably wake up from, the kind of thing that only happens in Hollywood.

The next thing I knew, Justin was sat opposite me at the table again, his mouth stretched to the point that his mouth almost covered the whole of his face. He took my clenched wrist, and folded it inside his.

"I've ended it with Sel."


"I've ended my relationship with Selena."

My mouth dropped open. "Have you gone made?"

Justin looked at me as if I was the one who was crazy. "What's wrong? You want to be with me, right?"

I closed my eyes for a second. "No. I mean, yes. Look, Justin, I need to think about it."

To my horror, he looked genuinely hurt now. "Think about what, Molly?"

God, his eyes were getting more alluring by the minute. "The problem is..."

But before I could continue, his lips crashed against mine for the second time, and I couldn't bring myself to pull away. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. The way our lips moved together perfectly, it seemed to me that we were moulded together. That this was meant to be.

We continued kissing by candlelight.



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