The Camera (Justin Bieber Competition)

Okay, I am not a fan, but because Fan Fiction is such a popular category on Movellas I decided to give it a go to see if I could write a successful Fan Fiction piece for the competition, As Long As You Love Me. Enjoy, and please comment on what you think as I am new to this. Thank you!

Molly is a teenage writer who hates nothing more than her own life. Her parents are pushy, her agent is pushy, and the pushiest person of all is the film producer who wants to turn her book into a blockbuster movie. It should seem like a dream, but when Max Champagne wants none other than Justin Bieber to star alongside Molly as the main characters, she can't imagine anything worse.


1. Just an author.

As far back as I can remember, which in my case is probably the year in which I turned seven, I have always been writing. At first they were rubbish poems, short stories, memoirs of child stars that were ironically my idols. They were never good. That is why, the year I turned 15, I was pretty surprised to find out that I had secured a publishing deal with the top literary agents in the country.

London's a nice place to live in. The vibrant city, the night life, and the world of opportunities it has to offer. I like living here, but sometimes... I don't know. Sometimes life can just get a little bit hectic.

Slowly, cautiously, I opened one eye. Phew. My room was still dark. I hadn't overslept. Groaning, I propped myself up on my pillow and unlocked my IPhone to check the time. 5:30. I still had half an hour or so before the car turned up.

T.V appearances were becoming a regular occurrence now. It was strange to think that only a year ago I would be still asleep, being a Saturday morning, having planned the day before what I would be doing today with my friends.

My friends.

I didn't have friends any more. Not that I particularly needed them; I was always quite content with my own company, and I always had somebody hanging around me in the daytime whether it be my parents, my manager or my agent Johnny, but sometimes I just missed being able to talk with kids my own age about ordinary things, not what outfit I would be wearing on Rise and Shine.

"Crap!" I had completely forgot. Usually, my mum would have helped me pick out an outfit for my next media event the night before: leaving it neatly on the end of my bed, but she was in Italy 'finding inspiration' for her next painting. I had no clue whatsoever about clothes. Panicking, I grabbed my phone and pressed one. Maggie was on speed dial.


"Maggie, I need your help pronto."

"Oh what have you done now, sugar?"

Maggie was... My stylist. It became quite clear after my first appearance on Sky News that I had zero clue on how to dress myself. I remember that day perfectly. It was about four months ago now, right at the beginning of year eleven, just when I was starting to get back on track after going through the publishing nonsense all summer.

I suppose it was a blessing, really; turning up in an old checked shirt, dark jeans and innocent enough navy vans. If I hadn't, and actually made an effort, then Maggie wouldn't have stopped me in the make up room and almost died of fashion disaster.

"Oh darling!" She had exclaimed loudly, clasping her hand to her mouth as if my jeans brought vomit to her mouth.

Now she seemed much calmer. I, however, wasn't. "Maggie, my mum's not home, you're not here, and I have no idea what to wear for this morning!"

"Molly, sweetie, there's no need to get hysteric. Go to your wardrobe."

Breathing quickly, I walked to my wardrobe and opened it carefully. Hundreds of pounds worth of designer clothes were hung neatly on pink rhinestone hangers. I sighed. My mother was so eccentric it wasn't even funny anymore.

"What dresses do you have?"

I laughed. "Maggie, what dresses don't I have?"

I could hear her click her tongue reproachfully. "How about the Juicy Couture one?"

I picked through the soft fabric carefully, counting under my breath. "I have five Juicy Couture ones."

"How about the one with the jewelled collar? I like that one."

Well you're not the one who has to wear it! I thought to myself, but I didn't say it. You answered back to Maggie at your peril. 

It's not that I just didn't like the dresses, they were... pretty. Very pretty. A bit too pretty for me in fact; I tended not to go for sparkles or sashes or sequins or... Or colour, in fact.

I sighed. "Fine." I picked the satiny dress carefully off the stupid hanger, and held it against myself. Why didn't I grow anymore? This one would never get too small. 

I heard Maggie yawn. "Good girl. I'll see you at the studios at seven. Don't touch your hair or face, the make up team have to work with a blank canvas."

"I know. Thank you, Maggie."

"You're welcome darling. See you then."

I heard the phone click. Maggie was probably the only person I would talk to properly all day. If I wasn't going to keep the cab waiting, I'd probably have to start getting ready now. Not that it took me very long to get ready anyway, but I'd have to make an effort today so that I didn't make another stylist feel sick. 

Sometimes I forgot that I was just an author.

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