Surf Tournament

Ricci and Chloe have been BFFs since they were little and one day they meet five handsome boys once they got outta the water they were sitting by there stuff. What will happen next???


1. Waves

Ricci's P.O.V.

I woke up to the waves crashing on the beach. I shook my best friend Chloe and opened the curtains to the best view you could ask for " the beach". I saw a heap of sick waves " Chloe get yo butt outta bed look at those waves, they are ours". We slowly walked downstairs and quickly ate some toast. Then grabbed our boards.

Chloe's P.O.V

I got woken up by Ricci saying "Chloe get yo butt outta bed look at those waves, they are ours". We crept downstairs after getting changed into our bikinis, Ricci's bikini was purple with green flowers on them. Mine was different shades of blue made into waves. I had some toast as did Ricci then we grabbed our boards and went down to the beach.

Ricci's P.O.V

By the time we got down to the beach the waves were better than ever. We waxed our boards and got straight in. I got up on my first wave of the day and I let all my worries go it fells so good gliding along the waves. After a few waves we caught some guys sitting by our stuff and we got back on our boards and started to paddle back to shore as we were quite a while out. As soon as we got back to our stuff the five handsome boys said "looking good out there girls" Chloe and I blushed and said "thanks but we gotta go". The blonde haired, blue eyed guy said "aww do you have to we enjoyed watching you out there" I smiled at him his Irish accent was so cute.

Chloe's P.O.V

We got outta the warm sea water and saw five boys next to our stuff "looking good out there girls" both of us blushed and said "thanks but we have to go and get our skateboards as we are going for a skate down the road". The curly brown haired guy asked "what are you two beautiful girls names" as we were just about to leave, we turned around and replied "Chloe and Ricci, yours?" the boys took it in turns to say their names " Zayn, Niall,Louis,Liam and Harry... could we have your numbers" they all said at once. We agreed on giving each other our numbers and Ricci asked " would you boys care to come skateboarding with us only if you want to" she said biting her lip.

Ricci's P.O.V

As we traded numbers I asked if they would join us when we go skateboarding they agreed and we said we would meet them outside our house at one.
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