Isnt She Lovely

When Kaitlyn meets Harry Styles 3 years ago, he forever changes her life.


12. Maybe Baby?

I am officially 8 months pregnant and feel like Im about to bust. Harry is very sweet about everything and helps out a lot with Miley when he isn't at the studio recording. The boys are back on your and are going to be in London until after my due date so Harry can be there with me. I was getting ready to go to the boys concert and my back was killing me. "Mommy!" Miley yelled from her bedroom. I walked into her room to find her clothes thrown everywhere. She was growing up way to fast and was starting to pick up Louis's attitude. It hard to believe she will be turning 4 in a few months. " Miley, why are your clothes al over the floor?" I bent over to pick them up when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I sat down on Miley's bed and caught my breathe and look at Miley. My phone started ringing."Please go grab my phone." She scampered off into the living room to retrieve it. I placed my hand on my belly and waited until she came back talking on my phone.

*Miley's POV*
I picked up the phone and answered it pulling it to my ear.
Harry: Hello.. Kate?
Miley: hello daddy
Harry: Miley where's your mommy bring her the phone.
Miley: what's the magic words?
Harry: *sigh* please?
Miley: that's it
I handed the phone to mommy with a smile.
*Harry's POV*
Kaitlyn and Miley weren't here yet and O was starting to get worried. I was sitting on the couch in my dressing room with all the other boys. I was resting my head on my hand biting my nails. "Harry," I looked up at Louis. "Call her already." I jumped off the couch and grabbed my phone dialing her number. I was standing outside the building pacing back and forth as her phone buzzed. " Pick up. Pick up. " I whispered to myself. She didn't answer so I called again. A few fans were calling my name so I gave them a small wave before she finally picked up.
Harry: Hello.. Kate?
Miley: hello daddy
Harry: Miley where's your mommy bring her the phone.
Miley: what's the magic words?
Harry: *sigh*please?
Miley: that's it
I heard some rustling and finally Kaitlyn picked up.
Harry: where are you?are you ok?
Kate: I'm at home.. Harry it hurts.
I grabbed the back of my neck with my hand.
Harry: I'm on my way.
Kate: no, I'm fine, stay there.
Harry: no I need to be with you, what about Miley.
Kate: I'll call Paul if I need you.
Harry: Promise
Kate: Promise. I love you.
Harry: I love you to.
I walked inside to find the boys getting ready to go onstage. " Is she ok?" Louis asked looking at me. I shook my head. "She's not coming." We finally run out singing Kiss You and my mind kept wondering back to Kaitlyn. The boys started singing Little Things and by the time my solo came around I handed my mic to Louis," I can't." I whispered before heading off the stage to a very angry Paul. " I need to go to her." He nodded and let me through. I got my keys and jumped in my car heading home.
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