Isnt She Lovely

When Kaitlyn meets Harry Styles 3 years ago, he forever changes her life.


16. Isn't She Lovely

**A/N **
I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever! I have been really busy lately and I was at a writers block. Sorry to tell you all but this is going to be the last chapter of Isn't She Lovely. I am currently working on a new story and will try and have it up as soon as possible. Thanks for all the views and comments, you guys are incredible! Please continue to kik me- laceyP24. My email is- and you can also follow me on Instagram- niallspotato23.
Love you all!
Is it just me or does time fly by? Just two months ago I was sitting in a hospital bed holding my Jacob. And here I am now standing in an airport next to My fiancé Harry hugging our crying baby girl saying good bye. I hate watching him leave but he loves it so much. No matter how much I try I always end up crying. I looked down at my small baby boy in my arms asleep. I love him so much, every blond strand of hair on his head. Yea you heard right he ended up with my hair but he has Harry's amazing green eyes that make me melt. I barley noticed the tear slip down my face. Harry kissed my forehead and hugged me. He had tears in his eyes to.
"Can I hold him?" He asked nodding towards Jacob.
I nodded and let him take our son into his arms. "Keep mama safe, okay?" He whispered and kissed his head softly. I smiled through the tears as Miley grabbed my hand. Harry put my sleeping son in his carrier and gave me a lingering kiss,"I love you." He whispered and turned his back walking off. Tears started pointing down my face. I let go of Miley's hand. "Harry!" I called.
He turned around and looked at me smiling slightly. I ran and jumped into his arms," Don't be gone to love." I said into his chest. He nodded still holding me. "I love you." He said. I nodded. " I love you to."

*Harry's POV*
I let go of Kaitlyn and kissed her cheek softly before grabbing my bags once again walking towards the plane with the rest of the boys. I handed the guy my ticket and looked back at Kaitlyn one last time to see her holding Miley's hand and Jacobs carrier in the other with a slight smile on her lips. I smiled and gave her a small wave. "Pretty girl you've got there." The guy said grabbing my ticket. I smiled and giggled to myself before saying back. "Yea, Isn't She Lovely."

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