Isnt She Lovely

When Kaitlyn meets Harry Styles 3 years ago, he forever changes her life.


1. Introduction

I met a guy about 3 years ago that forever changed my life. His name was Harry Styles and he was in a band called One Direction. I broke up with him because of his career and not long after found out I was pregnant with his child. I named her Miley because I love that name. She is 3 and has his curly uncontrolable brown hair and beautiful green eyes. She is so much like him its crazy. I havent told Miley about Harry yet, she doesnt know it but I listen to his music all the time. I need to tell her, and I probably will eventually, but not untill she is ready.

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Im Kaitlyn and I am 5'5 and have short blonde hair and green eyes. Im about medium weight. 

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