Isnt She Lovely

When Kaitlyn meets Harry Styles 3 years ago, he forever changes her life.


6. Headed Home

              *Harry's POV*
  We woke up not long after to Louis coming in to find me. He stopped in his tracks when he saw me laying there with Kaitlyn. She had met the boys once right after the X- factor before we broke up. " Oh, Harry, Im sorry, I didnt realize you had someone in here." She lifted her head off my shoulder waking Miley up. "No, its alright, Louis, youve met Kaitlyn before havent you?" His eyes got wide and I noticed he was looking at Miley. " Is.. Is.. " " Yea, shes mine Lou."  He grabbed a chair and sat down. " How," he said looking from me to Kaitlyn who was trying to get Miley back to sleep. " I think you know how Louis." " When,"
" About 3 years ago," Kaitlyn said looking up at me. " Louis, can we talk about this later?" He stood up and pushed the chair back under the table. " We will talk later," he said exadurating the will. 
He walked out and I looked at Kate. "Can you hand me the bag please." she said pointing at it. I passed the bag and said, " Anything I can do to help?" 
She nodded," Do you mind holding her for a minute?" " Not at all," I said as she handed her to me.
              *Kaitlyn's POV*
I have to admit he was really good with her. He helped me change her clothes into something more comfortable and I let him hold her while I went to find Haley, after all, I did want to go home eventually. I found her talking to Louis and he told us we could go back to their hotel for the night instead of heading back home. I went back to tell Harry and I found him singing " More than this" to Miley trying to get her to sleep. He actually looked like a father and I teared up. He looked up at me and smiled. " Shes asleep." I nodded and told him that me and Haley were going with them to their hotel to stay for the night. Harry insisted that Miley and I rode with him so I put her carseat in his car and strapped her in. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep. I got in the front seat and Harry put one arm around me. I snuggled into him and he said," So love, what exactly are we." " What do you mean," I asked looking up at him. " I mean are we like dating again or are we just friends who share a baby together?" " Im not sure, what do you want us to be?" He kissed my head lightly," Will you be my girlfriend?" I nodded and he smiled. 
We pulled up at the hotel and Haley stayed with Louis and I went with Harry, or course. His room was huge. He went into the bathroom to change while I laid Miley down on his bed. I turned around while Harry was comming out wearing only his boxers. " Hope you dont mind," he said tossing me a shirt. " Its long so it will probably be like a dress on you." I nodded and went into the bathroom to change. These shoes were killing my feet. I walk out and find Harry laying on the couch. "Your not sleeping on the couch." I said putting my clothes on top of Miley's bag. "Yea I am, you can have my bed." I shook my head. " Ive cause you enough trouble for one day, Im sleeping on the couch." We argued back and forth untill we finally came to a conclusion we would both sleep in his bed. " What about Miley?" he asked me as we walked into his room.  
" She can sleep with us." So we sleep for the rest of the night with me holding Miley and Harry's arms around my waist. 

    I woke up the next morning and Harry and Miley were both gone. I was panicing. Where was my baby. I heard a giggle and walked in the living room to see Harry playing with her. I smiled when Harry looked up at me. "Good morning gorgeous." he said getting up and coming over to me. He kissed me on the cheek. " Wanna hang with the boys today?" "Actually I need to get back home. Nethier of us have any clothes." I said going over and picking up Miley. He came over and put his arms around us whispering in my ear," Can I come." He kissed my neck and Miley started giggiling. " Of course you can," I said pushing him away,"but arent you still on tour?" " Nope, last night was the last one for a while." I smiled, good I really wanted to spend some time with him. So we decided that we would leave around noon and come back here with Harry later. We pulled out after talking to Haley. Louis was going to give her a ride later. Harry and I talked about everything on the way home. We pulled up a bit later and Harry kept Miley while I packed some clothes for us both. I also brought Miley's matress. Harry put our bags in the car and we left. A little later I looked back and Miley was asleep. Harry grabbed my hand and out fingers intertwined. He pulled my hand up to his lips and kissed it. I shivered. He looked at me and smiled. 
            * Harry's POV*
I kissed her hand and felt her shiver. I looked at her and smiled. I love her.  Kaitlyn laid her head on my shoulder. I wanted to tell her, but what would she say? Why not find out, " I love you Kay," I blushed as she looked up at me for a while. " I love you to." She kissed my neck and lay back down. I was in love.

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