Isnt She Lovely

When Kaitlyn meets Harry Styles 3 years ago, he forever changes her life.


4. Daddy Styles

Todays the day Miley gets to see Harry. Im freaking out. Its 3pm and we are waiting on Haley to get here so we can leave. I am wearing a purple shirt that only has one sleave with dark skinnies and black heels. My hair is straight and I put on a little eyelinner and mascara.  Miley was wearing some tiny little skinnie jeans with a little white shirt and little purple blazer with some tiny little black sparkly bobs. Her hair was down with a small purple headband.
She looked precious. Haley pulled up a little later and I moved Miley's carseat into her car. I got Miley settled in and we finally pulled out. "You ready Katie (what Harry always called me)." "Sort of," I said giving a half smile. 

          We finally got to the concert and went inside. It was really crowded. We were really close to the stage. I has holding Miley and when the concert started she looked amazed, it was cute. About halfway through the concert I looked at Harry singing and his eyes got really big around. He saw me. I grabbed Haley's arms and we slowly made our way out of the crowd. We were walking out the door when someone grabed my arm. It sent a tingle up me and I knew exactly who it was. I turned around and there he was, his green eyes were killing me. " Katie, can we talk?" I looked at Miley in Haley's arms and Harry followed my gaze. " Shes mine isnt she." I nodded and could feel a tear go down my face. He wiped it away and asked us to go to his dressing room. We went and sat down on the couch. Harry looked shocked and he sat with his head in his hands. It was really quiet untill Miley looked at me and whispered ," Who is he mommy?"
Harry looked up and I said," Hes your daddy baby." She smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen on her little face. She layed her head on my shoulder and eventually went to sleep. " Why didnt you tell me?" he said sitting up in his chair. Haley went to go get Miley's bag out of the car. "We had just broken up when I found out, and I though having a kid would hold you back." " Hold me back? Its my kid Kate, did it ever cross your mind that I would of wanted her?" " No, it never did. You were just getting started in your carrer and ... I thought you didnt love me anymore." " Didnt love you anymore," he said standing up and walking over and sitting beside me on the couch. "Kaitlyn, I never stopped." He leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back and it felt like fireworks were going off in my mouth. He finally pulled away," I still love you Kay." " I love you to." Haley came back in with Miley's bag and noticed us, " Umm.. Ill go see if I can find the rest of the boys." She walked out and Harry grabbed my hand and our fingers intertwined. " So, whats her name," he asked kissing my hand. "Miley," I smiled and looked at his eyes. " Shes beautiful, just like you." I blushed and he put his arm around me. " What are we going to do know." he said. I laid my head on his shoulder. " I dont know." We fell asleep with me laying on his shoulder and Miley laying on mine.

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