As long as you love me!!! :D <3

This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


3. Yes!! :D

            Today I woke up feeling happy. It was a beautiful day outside and to top it all of I Knew all my answers to the questions that have been going through my head for a couple of days know. I went got a shower and all for school. I went and put on  a nice blue shirt that said "my best friend is Justin!!!" I got out my favorite skinny jeans and put them on, I put my sparkly blue eye shadow on and I straitened my hair. As I finished my hair someone knocked at my door. Me-"Come on in" When they opened my door I could tell that right away it was my younger sister Alivia. Alivia-"Kyrsten can you do my hair for me and my make-up?" Me-"Sure but we have to make it quick because I need to do something before school." Alivia-"Ok." I did her make-up with pink lip gloss and eye shadow. I straitened her hair and put a cute little pink bow in it. Me-"All down" Alivia-"Thank you" Me-"No Problem." I grabbed my phone of my desk and my purse that laid by my bed. I locked my door behind me, ran downstairs, and out the door I went. 

         I walked up to Justin's house with out Niall today. When I got to his door I hesitated about knocking on the door and then I did. His mom yelled come in. I went in said hi and ran straight to Justin's room. I didn't knock I just flung the door open. He was standing there getting ready to put his shirt on. Me-"Justin!!!!!" Justin-"Kyrsten you could have knocked first!" He said it in a mean voice but I didn't care! Me-"I have something to tell you" Justin-"What?" Me-"Are you mad at me?" Justin-"No why?" Me-"ok well....I have been thinking and." Before I said anything else I stood right in front of him and put my arms around his neck as head put his shirt down and put his hands on my waist. Me-"Justin I want to be your girlfriend!!!!!" He did even say anything we just kissed. He pulled away. Me-"Whats wrong?" Justin-"nothing it's just that we need to leave or we will be later for school." Me-"oh well i thought that you were going to say I changed my mind or something like that." Justin-"I would never change my feelings about you Kyrsten I love you more than you think." Me-"Well guess what I love you more than you think!" Then I kissed him again.

        We got to school about 2 minutes later. We hurried up and got our stuff and went to class. We passed notes in each class. Justin said that he did want anyone to know yet because we wanted to surprise them. Justin passed a note right before we went to lunch that he was taking me somewhere after school. I was so excited I couldn't wait! I went to my locker with Liam. He helped decorate before we went to lunch. After we were done we literally ran to lunch. Liam got lunch and I only got an ice tea. I was sitting there when someone covered my eyes. Niall-"Guess who?" Me-"Well it is you!" Niall-"No im speaking for the person." Me-"Louis?" Niall-"Nope!" Me-"I know who it is" *thinking* should I do or not, will he hate me if i do it or will he just be like yeah so what that people will make comments and all that crap. I stood up as they kept their hands on my eyes. I turned around really quick and Kissed him and then sat back down. Justin just stood there shock and then sat down and ate his food. Everyone just looked at me and him. Me-"What did you every see someone kiss someone??" Louis-"Yeah but..." Me-"But what?" Zayn-"Why?" Me-"ok if you are going to ask a question don't just say who, what, where, when, why spit it out." Niall-"He wants to know why did you kiss Justin?" Me-"Because he is official mine!" Liam-"What do you mean by that?" Me-"Justin and I are dating and if you don't like well then it sucks to be you." Everyone at the table just ate their food and stared at me and Justin. I texted him asking if he was ok? He texted back saying yeah he just wasn't expecting that well at least not in school. 

        The last bell rang and I went straight to my locker. I had no homework so i just grabbed my purse and left school. I waited for Justin so that we could walk home together. When I saw him coming out I ran over to him and jumped on him. I gave him a kissed and then we walked hand in hand. Everyone watched us like we were aliens and I don't know why but it was bugging me so much. Me-"Justin serious question for you why do people keep staring at us?" Justin-"I don't know." Me-"Well wait here then." He stood there talking to Harry and this other kid named James. I walked over to one of these girls that kept looking at me all day. Me-"Hey im Kyrsten." Girl-"Hi and My name is Carly." Me-"Well Carly  I have a question for you. Why do you keep looking at me and Justin weird? Is there something wrong that me and him should know about?" Carly-"Yeah there is it's just that I think he can do so much better than this thing that is standing in front of me." Me-"Excuse me what did you just say to me?" Carly-"You heard what i just said don't act all stupid." Me-"Im not stupid it's just that i cant hear you because you talk like a little kid." Carly-"Just shut up because your worthless and nobody cares what you say!!!" I snapped and punched her in the face. Justin and Harry ran over and had to hold me back. I broke her nose just with one hit. Justin-"Why did you hit her?" Me-"Just leave it go I don't want to talk about it right now."  I just started walking while Justin grabbed his stuff of the ground. He tried to catch up with me but couldn't because I was so far ahead of him and he had his book bag  gym bag  and something else. I couldn't tell what it was I think it is Niall' s gym bag.

          I got home and went straight to my room and into the bathroom. I washed of my hand that blood on it. After I got cleaned up I went and played music on this channel called swrv. I texted Justin asking if we were still going where ever he was going to take me? He texted back Ill take you tomorrow if you want you come over to my house? I didn't text him back I just went over. When got over there his mom wasn't there but I called her and asked her if I could surprise Justin and she said yes. I went straight up to his room and I opened the door quietly. He was laying on his bed faces the head board, playing on his phone I  guess waiting for me to text back, and he had head phones in. I decided to sneak up on him. I went and jumped on the empty space on the bed. He freaked out and fell of the bed. I leaned over the bed and kissed. I sat up as Justin got up of the floor and sat by me on the bed. Justin-"I didn't think that you were coming over because you didn't text  back." Me-"I wanted to surprise you but instead I scared you and Im sorry about that." Justin-"Its ok I loved how you leaned over my bed and kissed me." We talked for another 10 minutes on what happened with the fight. Afterwards he put some music as we laid there on his bed holding hands. *thinking* What if I didn't go out with Justin. What would we be doing know instead of holding hands. Me-"Justin I LOVE YOU" Justin-"I LOVE YOU kyrsten!!." We both looked at each other in the eyes for about 3 minutes. He pushed a piece of my hair out from my face and kissed me. We were making out when we heard his mom come home. I left about 20 minutes afterwards.

        When I got home I texted him that I loved him and goodnight and all that kind of stuff. All that kept running through my mind was I made the right decision. That he is the best that ever happened to me and im never leaving him slip away!! I got up turned off my lights and TV.  I curled up underneath my fuzzy warm blanket and fell asleep.           

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