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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


5. What??!!!

      It was about a month since me and Justin started going out and I went on vacation for a week and just came back. I made so many new friends while in Florida. It was nice and beautiful down there and I didn't want to come home. It was only me and my family. It was unusual because I was always aloud to bring someone but this time I was not aloud. I got back and had school the next day so I was going to surprise Justin in the morning when I went to get him for school. I got a shower and all that. My sisters came in a gave me hugs and kisses before I went and laid down. I put on my music laid down in my nice warm bed and fell asleep.

     It was the next day and the sun was shinning in my face. My alarm just started to go off a minute after I sat up in bed. *Phone ringing* Its was Justin calling me but, I didn't answer. I hurried up and got changed into my clothes that I picked out last night and then, went and did my hair and make-up. I thought it was mean at first to not answer the phone but, I wanted to surprise him. I was grabbing my purse when someone knocked at my door. Me-"Come on in!" Dillon "Hey your mom told me I can come up and get you. I wanted to know if you wanted to walk to school together since you just got back from vacation?" Me-"I guess but I need to surprise Justin when we go and get him." Dillon-"Ok" Dillon looked like there was something on his mind that he needed to tell me and it couldn't wait. Me-"Dillon whats wrong with you today?" I looked him straight in the eyes when he tried to lie to me. Dillon "Nothing" I left it go and didn't keep asking cause I just wanted to see Justin again. We went downstairs and almost made it out the door. Mom-"Hey what are you doing today after school?" Me-"I don't know i might be hanging out with Justin if he is aloud to." Mom-"Well your sister need help putting together her little club house that she got and your father said that she can put in the play room" Dillon "Well I can come over and help her if she wants me to." mom-"Can you be here around 3;30?" Dillon "yeah anytime would be ok with me." My mom came over to Dillon and gave him a bigger hug then she gives Justin. Dillon went out the door first and when I was just making it though the doorway she grabbed my arm. *Whispering in my ear* He's a keeper, He's nice, polite, sweet, cute, and I love how he will just vol entire to help your sisters out. Me-"But I love Justin mom not Dillon and I don't know him  as much as I know Justin." She just gave me those eyes like ok whatever but, I know best.

      We got in got in front of Justin house and I hesitated to knock on the door but, after 5 minutes I finally knocked. His mom answered and told me I could go up but, Dillon had to stay in the living room until we came down. I ran up the stairs and slowly opened the door. I went in a he was in the bathroom fixing his hair. I swear he spends more time doing his hair then spending time with me. Justin was coming out of the bathroom when I hide behind the bathroom door. He walked passed and I jumped out and grabbed him. I covered his mouth from screaming and sat him down on the bed. When he saw who I was he tried to get up but I sat down on him. Justin-"When did you get back?!" Me-"Yesterday but, didn't tell you cause I wanted to surprise you." Justin-"Well it was the best surprise ever!!!" He leaned in a kissed me passionitly until his mom ruined the moment by yelling up the stairs that we were going to be later for school and that Dillon was waiting down there waiting for us. I got up the bed and yelled down to his mom the we're coming. I turned around to see Justin sitting on the bed with his sad face on. Me-"Aww what's wrong Justin?" Justin-"Every time we kiss someone interrupts it. I just want one day where me and you can have a special day. I just what to be alone with you to spend time." Me-"Me to but there is nothing we can do about it right now." Justin-"What about today after school?" Me-"I can't cause my mom wanted me to help put my sister clubhouse together, I said no so Dillon suggested on doing it and if I'm not there to help him she will yell at me." Justin-"See someone always has to inter-fer  Of course it has to be Dillon that you will be with today after school and not me." Me-"Well it's not my fault that he is going to help me with my sisters clubhouse " I walked towards the door, went downstairs, said goodbye to his mom, grabbed Dillon's arm and walked out of the house. 

           We were walking when, Dillon grabbed my arm and stopped me. Dillon-"Kyrsten please tell me what's wrong? You haven't said a word since we left Justin's house and where is he anyway??" Me-"Nothing wrong and JUSTIN!! I have no idea where he is right now and I don't care at this point." I was so aggravated that when we got to school Dillon wouldn't let anyone sit with me cause I was angry. He got me an ice tea because I loved it so much and we just sat their in silence. The bell rang to go to homeroom and Dillon walked me to my locker and didn't even bother to go to his. Me-"Dillon don't you need to go to your locker?" Dillon-"Yeah but, I will wait until we get into homeroom." Me-"No we are going to go to your locker and get your stuff right now." Dillon-"Ok but you don't have to wait for me you could just got to class." Me-"well Im a nice friend and Im not going to complain about every little thing!" We walked to Dillon's locker and out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin walking in. *whispering to myself* Just great he actual came and I have to deal with him all day! I wish we never fought over something so stupid! We were standing at Dillon's locker when I realized Justin's locker was right next to Dillon's. Me-"Well Dillon I will see you in homeroom." I tried to walk away as fast a I could but someone grabbed my arm. Me-"What the hell do you want!!" I screamed it as I turned around to see Niall and Liam standing there. Niall-"What did I do??!!" Me-"Sorry Niall I thought it was someone else." Niall-"Well I forgive you." Me-"What's up?" Niall-"I wanted to know if you wanted to walk to homeroom together since your not walking with Justin like you usually do?" Me-"I would love to Niall." We walked to homeroom with a minute to spare. I sat in the back of the room by Niall on the opposite side. I usually sat in between Niall and Justin but I didn't feel like talking or listening to Justin. Every period I went to today I sat away from Justin and stared at the clock wishing that the day would go quicker so that I could go home, lay in bed under the covers, and blast my music as loud as I possible could. I was lunch and I didn't move from my table but neither did Justin. Dillon came in and sat down next to me with a huge smile on his face. Me-"What's with the big smile on your face?" Dillon-"Well both me and you forgot that I am coming over to your house after school." I just looked at him and was about to saying something as everyone looked at me and he went up for his lunch. Destiny-"what do you mean he is going over your house after school today? I thought that you and Justin are together?" Me-"We are it's just-" I didn't get to finish my sentence cause I saw Justin walk. Everyone at the table also got quiet and just looked at their food. Justin-"Hey guys! How was every ones day so far?" Destiny-"Mines going really good and Its just getting even better!!" She said it and then looked right at me and she had one of those smirk on her face. Justin-"Well that's great." Destiny-"Well how is your's going so far?" She said it with such happiness. Justin-"Well mines ok. Thanks for asking me." Destiny-"No problem." Justin didn't get anything to eat today and when he does you know when something is wrong. Dillon came back and bought me an ice tea cause he knows how I love them. Me-"Thanks Dillon!" Dillon-"No problem Kyrsten." I just happen to look over at Justin as he was looking right at me and Dillon with that look like disappointment. 

           Finally that last bell rang of the day and I didn't have to look at Justin until tomorrow and maybe by then we will be talking like normal. I ran to my locker to get my bag with all my homework in it and jacket. I was walking out when I ran into Harry struggling with his books. Me-"You need help with some of those books?" When both smiled at each other as he said yes please I toke some of his books and put them in my book bag so that he was only carrying 2 textbooks. Me-"Wow we are in the classes Harry and yet you have more homework than me." Harry-"Well do you notice that I sleep all the time in my class's instead of doing my work so that I won't have a these books?" We both laughed. Me-"Well do you want to come over and work on our homework together so that I can help you with the stuff you missed?" Harry-"I would love that Kyrsten. Thanks for helping me out with everything so far." Me-"No problem. I will help out any of my friends." We talked the whole way to his house. Me-"Well Ill see you in about an hour." Harry-"See you!" I got home and went right up to my room and cleaned it up so that I didn't look like a pig. I put on some Seether, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, Breaking Ben and Three Days Grace. I went got a shower and headed down stairs to get something to eat. My phone went off and it was from Harry saying that he was going to late. All of sudden someone rang the doorbell and all I thought to myself was it was Justin to apologize. I yelled from my kitchen that I was coming but, I guess they didn't hear me because they rang it again. I opened the door and saw Dillon standing there. Me-"What are you doing here?" Dillon-"Your mom asked for me to help with the clubhouse." Me-"Well you have to come back when she got home from work." Dillon-"Well can I wait here until she gets home?" Me-"Sureee" He followed me into the kitchen. *thinking*I totally forgot that he was coming over and then Harry will be over to study. Now I know why Justin got so upset this morning. Dillon-"Is that your music playing?" Me-"Yeah I was cleaning and listening to music and I only came down for a salad and water and then I was going back upstairs." Dillon came and sat down next to me on the stoles as we talked for about 10 minutes. I felt like he was getting closer to me but I just let it go cause it was probably my imagination. He started leaning in to kiss me and I just sat there. *thinking*What is he doing? Why ain't moving away? Is this what I want to happen? He knows im with Justin RIGHT?? My phone buzzing snapped me out of my thoughts. I said to myself saved by the buzzing. I looked at my phone to see that Harry texted me and said that he was on his way. I messaged him back say just come right in. I put my phone on the table and looked back at Dillon. It was a 10 second awkward moment. Dillon-"So where were we?" Again he leaned in so I got up and screamed at him "What the hell do you think that you are doing?" Dillon-"Well I was going to kiss you!" Me-"Listen here Dillon I have an amazing boyfriend and im not going to cheat on him or dump him for no way in hell will that ever happen!! I don't even have any feelings for you either!" Dillon-"Yeah you do! I can tell by the way you act around me. Your always so sweet and kind to me." Me-"Because you were my god dame friend Dillon and look what you just tried to do!" He went to go kiss me and I smacked him right across his face. Me-"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW!!" He didn't move at first so I said that I was going to  punch him in the face him in the face if he didn't leave. The doorbell rang and said 'Saved by the bell' I got up and went to answer the door. I opened it thinking that Harry was already here but it wasn't. Me-"What are you doing here?" I tear ran down my face when I said it to him. He whipped the tear away from my cheek and pulled me in for a hug. Justin-"What's wrong?" Me-"I hate when we fight and lets agree not to fight again over something so stupid?" Justin-"Agreed. Is that why you were crying?" Me-"Yes and I need you to take care of a BIG problem for me" Justin-"What is it?" Me-"Well you have to come in and see it" Justin walked in holding my hand. I lead him to the kitchen where Dillon was sitting. I looked at Justin and told him to stand here listen and watch but don't come in until I tell you to. I walked over and sat where I was sitting before I answered the door. Dillon-"Who was that?" Me-"It was the mail guy he forgot to put something in the mail box the first time." Dillon-"So does that mean I have to leave?" Me-"Yes what you did was wrong and you know it!" Dillon-"Trying to kiss you wasn't a wrong thing. Kyrsten I liked you since I moved in next door." Me-"Well than why didn't you tell me instead of kissing me?" Dillon-"Cause I knew that you wouldn't believe me if I told you." Me-"Well Dillon what if Justin finds out about this?" Dillon-"Im sorry please don't tell him. He will kill me and we won't be friends anymore. The worst part would be is that I won't be able to talk to you or anything!!" He had tears coming down his face. I never saw him cry before so this was new to me. Justin-"Well you got all of those 3 things right!!" Justin stood at the doorway with his arms crossed. Dillon jumped up and started yelling Im sorry I didn't mean for this to happen at all. Justin started walking over to him. I saw him clenching his fist, his face was getting red and  Dillon was backing up. Me-"Justin just leave him go!" I got up and ran over to Justin and stopped him from doing anything that he might regret but he just moved me to the side. I ran over to Dillon and hugged him. Me-"You can't hurt Dillon unless you hurt me. Even though that he tried to kiss me doesn't mean that you have to hurt him to make yourself feel better!!!" Justin-"Kyrsten can you please move out of the way. Im only going to hurt him a LITTLE!!!" I grabbed Dillon hand  and ran out of the house. We were walking out when we ran into Harry coming up the driveway. Harry-"Where are you going in such a rush???" Me-"Can you please tell Justin not to hurt Dillon because he tried to kiss me?!" Harry look over at the door to find Justin coming out of the house and his face was pure red. Harry-"Justin he didn't mean it." Harry yelled it but he didn't listen to a word he said. I walked over to Justin and stood in front of him and said that it was over!!! Justin just stop and looked at me with that sad look on his face. Justin-"What do you mean its over? We just made up and now look what happens!!!" Me-"Why didn't you stop when I told you to?? Why were going to hurt him just for almost trying to kiss me but didn't??!!" Justin-"I don't know why! I just get really mad and then can't control myself!!" Tears where just running down his face as he said it to me. Me-" Well you have to learn how to control your anger." Justin-"I know." We all stood there and then Justin walked away and I didn't chase after no one did. I walked up my steps and went into the house.

          I went up to my room and laid in my bed thinking of what just happened. *thinking* What did I just do? We made up and then I break it of this time! Why am I so stupid?! Harry kept calling my phone and so did Dillon. I messaged Dillon and told how much he ruined me and Justin relationship with trying to kiss me and all. He didn't message me back but Harry kept calling me and then he started knocking and ringing my doorbell nonstop so messaged me and told him that I wasn't going to answer the door  for him. I gave in after about the 10th more time he did it to me so that I would answer. I opened the door and said to him 'What do you want?' he just looked at me and hugged me. I fell to the floor crying as Harry picked me  up and carried me up to my room. He sat me down on my bed and sat down next to me. Harry-"Kyrsten are you going to be ok here tonight?" Me-"I think I will be but I just don't like being the house by myself" Harry-"Do you want me to stay here for the night?" Me-"Please Harry?" I laid my head on his chest and said to him thank you for being here for me. He said no problem. He got up and said that he would be right back and walked out of my bedroom. I went over and listen through the door. *talking on the phone*Harry-"Is it alright if I stay with Kyrsten tonight because she doesn't want to be alone?" Justin-"I don't really want to talk about her right now. She broke up with me and im upset." Harry-"So is she. Since you left she cried in her room." Justin-"Really? Doesn't want me back all ready?" Harry-"I think that she might want think about it but won't." Justin-"WOW thanks for getting my hopes up and then crush them!" Harry-"Well im just telling you the truth" Justin-"I know you that's why your the best!" Harry-"Well I have to go before she's crying again." Justin-"Ok tell her I miss her and still love her no matter what." I heard him hang up the phone and was walking back to my room. I hurried and ran back over to my bed and sat down on it. Harry-"Your still awake?" Me-"Yeah I am." Harry came over and sat by me on the bed as I laid my head on his lap. He held me there. He started to dose of so I laid him down and tucked him in with my fuzzy blue blanket and crawled under my warm fuzzy pink blanket, turned off my lamp, kissed harry on the cheek. I laid back and when my head hit the soft warm pillow I slowly drifted off to sleep. :)


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