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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


6. Stuck in the Middle :/

        I wake up to no Harry. I get out of bed and put on my pink slippers and walk down the  hall and look over the banister but, I still don't see him. I slowly walk down the stairs to see someone in the kitchen standing in the fridge. I run over and yell HARRY. The person stood up but, to my surprise it wasn't harry. It was Justin standing there. Justin-"Well good morning sleeping beauty." He kissed me on the forehead and walked over and grabbed out to glassed and filled them with orange juice  I sat down where I sat yesterday with Dillon. Justin came over and sat where Dillon sat as I played with the piece of paper on the table. Justin-"So what do you want to do today babe?" I just sat there confused with what was going on. *thinking* Does he not know that we broke up? Did he hit his head off of something? Maybe I'm dreaming or it could be really and I think that its Justin but, its Harry say this to me. I got up and walked out of the kitchen and started walking towards the front door when 'Justin' grabbed my hand and spun me around as I almost fell over. Justin-"Where are you going?" I pinched myself thinking if it was a dream I would have woke up in bed with Harry lying next to me but, I was stilling standing there with Justin. Me-"What's going on?" Justin-"What do you mean?" Me-"Well I woke up to no Harry but, you in the kitchen?!" Justin-"Harry needed to go home so I came over so that you were ok." Me-"Oh ok I guess. Well im going to go get a shower I guess." I looked at him so confused the whole time. I got a shower and came out find Justin laying in my bed. Justin was really creeping me out cause where ever I was going he was following right behind without being seen. Me-"What is up with you following me around?" Justin-"I thought that you yelled for me or something so I waited to see if you would yell for me again." Me-"Ok" Justin-"So do you want to do something today or we could just stay in and do something?" I went over and sat down on my bed right next Justin. He sat up and looked at me as I put my hand on his knee. Me-"Justin do yo-" He looked into my eyes and then kissed me. He laid me down on the bed as he was still kissing me. I pushed him away and got up off the bed. Justin-"Did I do something wrong?" Me-"Do you even remember what had happened yesterday?" Justin-"Yeah we fought and all then I left." Me-"Justin." I said his name as I walked over to him and sat on his lap. Me-"I broke up with you yesterday." Justin-"Yeah and I thought you wanted to get back together with me?" Me-"you have to let me think about it?" Justin stood me up and said ok I will let you think about it. He put his hands around me waist pulled me and Kissed me. *thinking* Why don't I just get back together with him now? But I like some else now and don't know what to do! WOW this kiss is really long but I love when he kisses me. We broke away and just looked into each others eyes. Justin-"Well I let you go so that you can think about it." He started opening my bedroom door and was walking out when I ran over turned him around and kissed him again but this time even longer. Justin-"What was that?" Me-"It just helped  me with the  decision a little bit more." I smiled at him as he walked down the steps and left. 

       I ran into my bedroom and grabbed my cell and quickly called Harry and told him if he need help with his homework he could come over know. He said that he was on his way. I sat on my bed and before I knew it there was a knock at the door. Me-"Come in!!" I stood at the top of the steps and Harry just stood there stunned for a minute or two. Me-"What's wrong?" Harry-"Nothing's wrong Kyrsten!" There was nothing that he should have been stunned over I was still in my pj's. Harry-"So were do you want to do our homework?" Me-"Come upstairs. We can work on it in my room." He came up and sat on my bed next to me. Harry-"What do you want to work on first?" Me-"Well before we do anything I need to see something." Harry-"Like w-" I kissed him but, with him it felt the same with Justin. Harry-" What are you doing your with Justin?!" Me-"Ok lets get one thing straight im not with him but I might be getting back with him and I needed to know if I felt something with you." Harry-"By kissing me!!" Me-"Yes because I feel that same spark when I kiss both of yous so now I know that I truly am in love with both of yous. I might just pick you Harry." Harry just looked at me and kissed me again. This time it lead to more.

      I was so shocked that we toke it that far. I got out of bed and got changed and all. I picked up all his papers on the floor and put them on my desk. I went into the bathroom and did my hair and make-up. Harry-"Why did you do your hair and make-up??" I looked over at him as he was putting his pants on. He just winked at me and then came over and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. I broke away instead of him. Me-"Get dressed someones going to be coming over in about 10 minutes maybe even less than that." Harry-"ok I will sweet heart. That's your new nickname that im going to call you." I called Justin to come over and before I knew it he was yelling up from the bottom of the steps. Me-"Will you get up here already!" We both just laughed. He kissed me and I held his hand. Me and him went into my room. Justin-"What is he doing here!?" Me-"Just sit down!!!" They sat down and looked at each other  Me-"Ok Im just going to say it I LOVE YOU BOTH!!! I want to be with both of you's and I can't choose so you's guys are going to help me figure it out." Justin-"What You LOVE BOTH of us?" Me-"Yes Justin and I don't know what to do." Justin-"Well this is just great!" Harry-"Well how are you going to choose?" Me-"I don't know" Justin was pacing back and forth with his arms swinging everywhere and yelling. Justin-"Well how are you going to choose. The better question is when did you learn that you had feelings for Harry? Was it when you were with me?" He just kept yelling different things at me. Me-"Well I don't know Justin and  you yelling and questioning me ain't really helping!!" I got up and walked out of the room and went out into the backyard and sat on the trampoline. I laid back and stared at the clouds passing by. *thinking* Why did I do that? How can I love both of them? It's not possible for me liking both of them. Me and Justin were so happy together and look at what I did. I screwed up our relationship!! I started crying when I herd the door open up. I quickly wiped them away and looked to see who it was. I saw Harry walking off the porch and walking over towards me. Harry came over and started to unzip the net to get in. Harry-"Kyrsten can we please talk about this?" I stayed silent and looked right back up at the sky. He moved over closer to me. Harry-"Can you please answer me Kyrsten!? I would love for you to say something!" Me-"I don't really want to talk about what just happened in there Harry" Harry-"Well can you please talk about it. For me!!??" Me-"Can we leave it go? Oh and where's Justin?" Harry-"He left right after you came out here. He had tears in his eyes after you walked out of the room." Me-"Now I feel really bad about everything I said." We talked about everything for about an hour. We laid and look at the sky after we were done talking. Harry helped me off the trampoline and carried me over to the porch. He set me down and looked me right in the eyes and said maybe after that talk you should be able to make your choice. He leaned down and kissed me.  i smiled at him as he opened the door and let me walk in. I walked Harry to the front door as he gave me a hug and went home.

    I went into the kitchen and got a carton of ice tea and some cookies and went upstairs to my bedroom. I locked my bedroom so that no one would bother me. I got my clothes out of my walk-in closet and went to get a shower. When I got out I did my nails at my vanity. I painted them pink with a back heart on each. My phone started beeping so I went over to get it. I pressed the unlock to see Dillon texted me. He asked me if I wanted to hangout a the park or over his house. I messaged him back say 'After everything that had happened yesterday you still want to hang out with me?' Dillon-'yeah. You broke up with Justin so it's ok now if we hang out.' Me-'If that happened to you would you do the same thing?' He did message back for about 10 minutes so in between them I put my 3 favorite songs on 3 days grace"pain", Cody Simpson"all day", and Austin Mahone"11:11. Then I went over and laid on my back on the bed. He texted me and said well then can I come over there to hang with you? Me-'Who the hell do you think I am, that I just hang out with every guy or go with them?' Then he just stopped texting me the rest of the night. *thinking* Guys are really stupid. I bet they think that every girl will get together with them after a break up. I miss Justin so bad. I wonder why he didn't text me like he usually does. I think I might text him. I grabbed my phone and texted Harry. Me-'Hey!! :)' Harry-'Hey was up? :)' Me-'should I text Justin cause he didn't text me at all since he was here?' Harry-'If you want to but you don't have to' Me-'ok I think I will I'm not sure what to do' I put my phone down on the bed, walked over, got my cookies, ice tea and sat at my desk. I pulled out a piece of paper, pencil, and colored pencils. I sat there for a little and thought of what draw. I finally figured it out I got the 2 pictures out and started drawing by the time I felt like taking a break it was 3:30. I set my pencil down and just stared at the picture. I still needed to add details when I got home but then it looked like it would have been good with out details. I got up and walked over to my door and just stood there. I got really dizzy but I just ignored it. I went downstairs got another ice tea and headed back upstairs. When I got into my room I called my mom to see if I could just stay home and she said that I was aloud to. I put my ice tea and the night stand next to my bed. I laid there for a little watching TV  There was nothing on so I reached over and grabbed my Laptop from my drew. I turned on and went straight to Facebook because I haven't been on in a couple of weeks. I found a post on Dillon's wall that said 'I think I ruined our friendship I hope that you will forgive me? :/'  Then I looked at Justin's home page and he posted right after he left 'I can't believe that just happened. I wish we never fought the other day because now everything between us is different. I hope that we can fix everything that has happened today! :/' The last person's home page I check was Harry's and the last thing he posted was right after he left my place and it said 'I wish we could be more but I guess not. I hope that some day we can be something.' I almost cried reading what the boys posted about me. I think that I might go out with one of them. I posted a comment saying 'I was so confused today but after talking to one of my best friends, they helped me see everything in a different perspective and help me make my BIG discussion. :)' I turned off my laptop and put it away. I just sat there and watched the time tick away it was around 5:00 when I actually tried to fall asleep. After awhile I put the warm blankets over me and fell asleep. 

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