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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


7. My Choice!

              My phone was going off around 8 with a whole bunch of text messages from Harry, Justin, Dillon  Destiny, and Natasha. Every message had to deal with if i was going to school or not. I messaged each one of them back and told them that i wasn't feeling good so i was staying home. I got up and went and toke a shower afterwards I went got some ripped jeans and a V-neck t-shirt on. Then I did my makeup and straightened my hair. I grabbed my phone off my bed and grabbed my money. I locked my room as I left and went downstairs. I wrote a note to my mom if she came home and then stuck it on the fridge just in case. I went over grabbed my keys to the house went over to the back door locked it and then went out the front door and locked it when I went out it. As I was walking out I seen my friend Zack walking I yelled to him and then ran over. He was friends with Justin but they don't talk as much as they use to. Me-"Hey why aren't you in school?" Zack-"I didn't feel like going and my moms at work till 8 tonight so i thought that I would go for a walk. What about you?" Me-"Well I needed to think about something important so I thought I would stay home and just take a walk sit in the park and think! Do you wanna go to the park and sit on the swings or something?" Zack-"Yeah but, before  we go can we go and get some ice cream because its hot out?" Me-"I would love to and good idea!" We walked to the creamery it only toke about 10 minutes. Zack ordered me a chocolate and vanilla swirl and he got just chocolate then we went over to the park.

             We got there and sat on the sings eating our melting but cold ice cream. Zack-"So what were you going to think about?" Me-"Anything" I tried not to bring the boys up because I didn't want him to get involved or him wasting his time on something so stupid. Zack-"Is it about the boys and what happened yesterday?" I didn't that he knew about what has happened yesterday but, i didn't realize that they talked about everything. Me-"How did you find out I thought you and Justin didn't talk that much anymore?" Zack-"It wasn't Justin who told me!" Me-"Well then who did tell you about everything that happened?" Zack-"It was Harry when he walked out of your house yesterday we bumped into each other and went to the mall and we were talking about what had just happened to him." Me-"Oh...I did realize that Harry could have told you about it." Zack-"Well yeah. I think that you should hook back up with Justin. He misses you alot and I know for a fact that he was always in love with you." Me-"I have to think about it." Zack-"Well who do you know longer, how much do you know about each of the boys, etc. tho are the questions you have to ask." Me-"Im glad that I stayed home and I have a great friend like you to count on!" I gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek and thanked him for everything that helped me with. My phone started going off when me and Zack were getting off the swings. I reached in my pocket and pulled it out. I unlocked it to find a picture of Justin I looked at the time to see that it was 2:10. Around this time if I stayed home he would call me just to talk for a little because he had gym with me and we would just sit on the bleachers when we weren't in the mood to do anything. Me-"Zack its Justin what should I do. Should I answer it or should I leave it go?" Zack-"I think that you should answer it because he might apologize or anything. You will never know until you answer him." Me-"ok I guess I will answer it because he means alot to me." Zack sat down on the bench as I walked a little bit away from him and answered it. Me-"Hello?" Justin-"Hey how are you feeling?" Me-"good" Justin-"So what are you doing?" Me-"Im just talking to you and me and Zack went and got some ice cream." Justin-"Why are you with Zack?" Me-"I was going to go to the park and get ice cream and when i was coming out of the house I saw Zack walking so i thought that he might want to get ice cream with me." Justin-"Oh so what are you doing later?" Me-"I have no idea but, I have to go cause my mom is calling me." Justin-"Ok well call me later" Me-"I will" Justin-"love you bye" Me-"bye" I hung up and put my phone to my chest. I walked over to Zack and told him everything that he said and all. Zack walked me to the school and waited with me until the bell rang. 

               The bell rang and all the kids were leaving. Me and Zack sat on the bench until Justin came out but, the first person i saw was Harry coming out. As soon as he saw me sitting there he came over. I got into a panic because I needed to talk to Justin and I don't think that he is talking to Harry cause of what had happened. Me-"Hey Harry how was your day?" Harry-"It was boring until I seen you. You brightened up my day." Me-"Aww...that's so sweet of you to say that to me." I gave him a hug and before I knew it Justin was standing there just looking at me. He turned around and walked away from me. I let go of hugging Harry and ran after Justin who was walking down the street. Me-"Justin please wait I need to tell you something important!" Justin-"I don't want to hear it Kyrsten. Im tired of playing these GOD DAME games with you all the time!!!!" Me-"Fine then if you don't want to hear me out then oh well I was only going to tall you that I LOVE YOU but I guess you don't care!!!!" Justin stopped in his track and turned around and looked at me. He had tears in his eyes. I just looked at him and turned around. Next minute I know I feel arms around my waist. I was spun around and then got kissed. When I looked into his eyes my heart melted just thinking that Im with the greatest boyfriend that any girl can ever have.Justin-"I LOVE YOU with all heart Kyrsten. Im so glad that we are back together. It seen like forever yet it was only like a couple days." Me-"I know right. We should go to my house and watch a movie or something since it's Friday and there once again nothing to do." Justin-"Yeah lets go." Me-"Hold on. I have to do something before we go." Justin-"sure what every you want." I ran over to Zack and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek and thanked him for helping me make my BIG decision of well my life. Then I ran back over to Justin. He gave me a piggy back ride all the way to my house. The whole way there while I was telling him how much I missed him and how much i loved him. 

           We got to my house and he put me down. He pretty much searched me to find the house key. When he unlocked the door he put me over his shoulder a carried me all the way to my bedroom and unlocked my door and then put me on the bed. I thought that it was going to led to something but, it didn't and I was shocked about it. After he set me down he kissed me and then left the room and went downstairs. He came back up in about 20 minutes. He had all my favorite things ice tea and chocolate cake. He sat down next to me on the bed with an ice tea for him and for me. He handed me the plate of chocolate cake. It was one BIG piece of cake. When he was comfortable he went to grab a bit of the cake and I smacked his hand away. Me-"You know that you are going to have to go and get a piece for yourself right?" Justin-"That's why I got US a BIG piece of cake." Me-"Yeah for me and not for you!!!" Justin-"Really is that how you are going to be to me??!!" Me-"Pretty much" He gave me the puppy face and I laughed at him and then gave in a gave him a bite. Then he kissed me. As we were kissing my phone started ringing. We parted and I grabbed my phone and answered it with out checking who it was. Me-"Hello?" Dillon "Hey Im coming over cause your mom called and wanted me to fix the kids jungle gym in the back yard and fix one of there beds." Me-"OK bu-" Dillon "Well I will be there in about a minute." Before I can say anything he hung up. I dropped the phone and looked at Justin. Justin-"What's wrong?" Me-"Dillon's coming over!" Justin-"WHAT you invited him over. Why would you do that!" Me-"Mom told him to come over cause she needs a bed fixed and a stupid jungle gym out back." Justin-"Well your mom just ruined our plans for 'later'!!!" Justin leaned down and kissed again before Dillon came but all of a sudden there was a knock on my door and in walks Dillon.  Dillon "I swear I didn't mean to walk in on this im so sorry." He covered his eyes and shut the door really quickly. Justin got off me and said 'you wanna take this one or should I take it?' Me-"Well I don't want to but, I guess I will." Justin-"Are you sure?" Me-"Yeah" I gave him a kiss which lasted 2 minutes. Me-"maybe later but, not right now!" Justin-"REALLY!!!???" Me-"Yes" I got off the bed and went to find Dillon  I went into Brylee's room and there he was fixing the bed. Me-"Do you need any help?" Dillon "No and Im sorry for walking in on you's two." Me-"We weren't doing anything. We were only kissing." Dillon-"Why!!??" Me-"boyfriend and girlfriend?" Dillon "You's guys are back together!!?" Me-"Yeah why?" Dillon-"Oh nothing. Why do you think that there is something up?" Me-"The way you were saying 'You's guy's are back together!!??" Dillon-"Nothing!!" Me-"Oh I know you like me!!" Dillon-"Noooo" Me-"You know I would have believed you if you didn't drag out that Noooo!!" Dillon-"ok but, your with Justin and there is nothing I can do about that!!" Me-"You know your right there is nothing that you can do about it!! Well Im going back to lay with him so bye!!" I got to my room and opened up the door to find Justin asleep with chocolate all over his face and the plate literally licked clean with the fork in his hand. I hurried up and grabbed my phone and toke a picture. I sent it to Facebook and twitter with the caption 'Look how my boy fell asleep with MY BIG piece of chocolate cake. That's what i get for leaving my cake with him!! lol :) <3' I put my phone down and grabbed the plate and fork from his hand and put it on my desk. I went into the bathroom and got a wash cloth and whipped his face up. After cleaning up after him I laid down next to him. It was around 5 and I didn't know if he was allowed to stay so I sent the pic to his mom and asked if was allowed to stay the night and of course she approved of it. I tucked him in with my warm pink blanket and curled up under it with him. As I was slowly falling asleep I felt an arm go around my waist and then he whispered in my ear good night I love you. I told him that I asked his mom and she said yes and that I loved him.  We kissed and then slowly but, surely fell asleep together.

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