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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


2. Let me think?

         I got up around 7:00 to get ready for school. I got up and almost stepped on Niall because i forgot that he stayed over. I leaned down and whispered in his ear "Time to get up sleepy head." When i said that he leaned up and cracked his head off of mine. We both laid back down on the beds and laughed at each other. Me-"We have to get ready for school." Niall-"ok do you have some of my school clothes in the closet with my other clothes?" Me-"Yeah, do you know where the closet is?" Niall-"Yeah i do" Niall got up and closed the bed and left the room. I went into my closet and picked out my clothes for the day. I pick out a hot pink v-neck and a pair of skinny jeans that had rips on them. I grab my shoes and went over to my bed and put them on. Niall came in with a jack wills shirt on and a pair of jeans. I went and put on my makeup and straightened my hair while Niall put his shoes on. Me-"You ready to go?" Niall-"yeah." Me-"We can get breakfast at school today." Niall-"Ok"

       We walked down to Justin's house so he could walk with us. We got there and I was about to knock on the door when Justin opened the door. Me and Justin made eye contact as soon as he opened the door. When we did i felt butterflies in my stomach and i never had that feeling when i saw him before. It was like every since i told him i like him and kissed him all my feelings are coming out more than before. Justin-"Well hello there!" Niall-"Hey you ready to go?" Justin-"Yeah i am Bye mom i love you." He shut the door and we started to walk down the walk way when Justin toke something out of his pocket and handed to me. It was a note. Justin-"Don't read until 3rd period." Me-"Why?" *thinking* Why would i ask him that? That's the only period we don't have together. Justin-"Because" Niall-"Do you know whats for lunch and breakfast?" Me-"I knew that you would ask something like that but i think for lunch it might be pizza." Niall-"I hope that it is i love pizza." All of a sudden i felt someone poke me on the side. I turned to Justin and asked him why he did that but, he had no idea what i was talking about and then someone jumped on back. When he did that i knew exactly who it was. Me-"Hello Louis" Louis-"Hey whats up?" He hopped down off of me and ran over to Niall. Me-"Justin so whats up with you and not texting me back last night?" Justin-"I fell asleep. im sorry are you made about?" Me-"No im not. I thought that you did so i didn't text back again." Justin-"I felt so bad when i didn't last night so i wanted to tell this morning when you came over to walk with me but Niall was with you so i waited and i wrote a question on the note that i would have ask you but everyone would have been around." Me-"ok well ill read the note 3 period like you said." He just smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek. 

         When we got to school we went right into breakfast to eat. We grabbed our food and sat our normally table. I sat right next to Justin and the other side of my was my best friend Chloe  The rest of the boys like Harry, Louis Liam, Niall, and Zayn sat around the table. Justin-"So what is everyone doing today after school?" Me-"Nothing" I was the only one to answer him because the rest of them were talking to each other or people at the other tables. Justin-"Well im going to the fair and i didn't want to go by myself so do you want to go with me?" Me-"Yeah but i have to ask my mom if i could just in  case if they have something planned." Justin-"ok but i know for a fact that you will be aloud is because your mom LOVES me!" Me-"Yeah she does!" Niall-"Kyrsten are you going to eat the rest of your bagel " Me-"No if you want it you could have though." Niall-"Thank you Kyrsten i love you." Me-"i love you to Niall."

           I went to my locker i got my stuff and then went over to the Justin's locker and waited for him so that we could go to homeroom. I jumped when someone poked me in the side. I turned around to see my friend lexi standing there. Lexi-"How have you been?" Me-"Good and you?" Lexi-"Im doing great just missing all my friends that's why i came back." Around 7th grade my friend Lexi left to go live with her father in Florida and i haven't seen her since well now. When Justin saw her he gave her a big hug. Justin-"Oh my god i missed you so much!!" Lexi-"Me to...I missed you's all so much so i came back to live with my mom but then after i graduate i might move back down to Florida." Me-"well at least i get to hang with for now." Justin-"What classes do you have." We all stood there and look at our schedules to find out that Justin, me, and Lexi have the same schedule but me and lexi dont have 3rd period with Justin.

          By the time 3rd came i was so nerves and i think Justin was to. I got out the note and was ready to open it when the teacher told everyone to stop what we were doing and listen to him. Teacher-"Well students i forgot my stuff at home. I was rushing to get into school because my hot water wasn't working, my dog ripped up the clothes i was going to wear today and then to top if of i lost my car keys and had to look for them. So today you will have a free day to do what ever you want just don't be to loud!" Students-"YES!!!" Lexi-"Wow first day in here and don't have to do anything this is the best day ever!!" Me-"That's good." I didn't even listen to anything else she was saying because i was slowing opening the note. When i opened it said Kyrsten i liked you for a long time now. I always wanted to ask you this but I never had the guts to say it to your face and I still don't that's why i am writing this note. Kyrsten will you please go out with me? Im am deeply in love with you. You might not think that I am and You might not like me that much to go out with me but Im just saying that I am worth the try!! :D <3. *thinking* I thought that was the most beautiful thing that someone ever wrote me but i don't want to ruin our friendship if it doesn't workout.

           It was lunch time and grabbed my lunch at sat at the table. I was the first one. Niall got there right after i sat down. Niall-"God im so hungry" Me-"You could have my lunch to cause im not in the mood to eat." Niall-"are you sure." Me-"Yes Niall I am sure." Justin came in with the rest of the boys and sat down next to me with his lunch. Justin-"Did you read the note?" Me-"Yes i did and I need to think about." Justin-"Ok well take your time i don't want to rush you with this." Me-"Thank you for letting me think about." Justin-"Yeah no problem Kyrsten." Zayn-"Wheres Lexi?" Me-"I think she made some new friends and is know sitting with them." Louis-"I thought she was going to sit with us for her first day back?" Liam-"Well i guess not Lou but its ok you got  me!" We all started laughing at Liam's comment.

      On the way home I walked home with Louis, Harry, and Justin. Harry lived across the street from Louis so after we got by their house it was only me and Justin. Justin lived about 4 houses down the street from me. Justin"Do you still want to go to the fair with me." Me-"Im sorry im just not in the mood to do anything today." Justin-"Its ok. Well do you want to come over and watch movies or something?" Me-"No Justin. I really sorry Justin I will text though." Justin-"that will be fine with me." Me-"ok so I will text you then after I finish my homework, eat and take a shower." Justin gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

        When I got into the house I went strait up to my room. I got a shower and put on my pj's that were hot pink. I laid down on my bed. and I grabbed my remote from my dresser and turned on some  music on the TV. *thinking* Should I go out with him or should i just stay friends with him. Why does he have to like me so much like this. I cant believe Im getting strong feelings for him every time he smiles at me, looks at me, talks to me, hugs me, and gives me a kiss on the cheek. I never felt this way for anyone likes. This is so hard. I just laid there looking up at the ceiling and listening to music as I slowly dosed off.........

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