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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


8. Happy where i am

         I got up in the middle of the night to pee and almost tripped over Justin's shoes. I moved them to the side and headed straight to the bathroom. When I came back out I grabbed my phone to check the time on it and it was around 1 so I decided that I was gonna go down and get my self a nice cold glass of ice tea. The kitchen floor was cold on feet and the bright light from the fridge hurt my eyes. I grabbed out the ice tea and then reached up in the cabinet to grab out a glass. I filled up and then put the gallon away, grabbed my glass, and headed back up the stairs. When I was pacing my sisters room the door was partly open so I opened and looked in to find the bed neatly put together with a note hanging off it


                                  I put together the bed and all for your mom and well your sisters to. I hope that they will like it. I'm going to do the jungle gym so I'm letting you know that I locked the door when I left for you!! :)

            I toke the note of the bed and shut my sisters bedroom door. When I opened my door I had a garbage can right there so I through the paper away. I shut my door and locked it. When I went to go lay down after I sat my glass down Justin wasn't there. I said Justin but he didn't answer me like he always does. So I thought he might be in the bathroom but when I walked over and checked he wasn't in there. All that was running through my mind was where could he have gone. I walked over to where I felt a cold draft coming from my balcony door was slightly cracked open. I opened it find him sitting on the bench looking at the stars. He looked so peaceful. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. It was dead silent. All of a sudden he grabbed my waist and lifted me up to sit on him. I could smell the cologne that he had on when I put my head on his shoulder. Justin-"You know that I was always love you no matter what happens right?" Me-"Yeah...I love you to" I looked up at him and when our eyes met I knew that it was really that, our love was really and not fake. At that moment he kissed me and I didn't hesitate to kiss him back and as we kissed a shooting star went above us. 

          The next morning I woke up to no Justin next to me. I got up and put on my pink fuzzy bedroom slippers that I should have put on last night didn't. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and all. It smelt like pancakes in the air as I came out of the bathroom. I grabbed my phone and headed out of my bedroom. I slowly walked down stairs and made my way to the kitchen. I stood in the door way and watched him make pancakes well at least trying to not burn them. As he was turned towards the counter I went over and rapped my arms around him. He was so warm and smelt so good with one of his favorite shirt on. It was a blue t that was extremely soft. I leaned in by his ear and whispered I love you with all my heart. Justin slowly turned around and looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes. Justin-"good morning babe. I love you to." me-"How did I get back into the bed?" When I said it he smiled at me and said well you fell asleep on my chest when we were looking at the sky so I picked you up and laid you in the bed then I laid next to and fell asleep. Me-"Awww.....thank you for not leaving me outside to freeze my butt off." In stead of saying something to me he just laughed at me. Justin-"your welcome babe" he leaned down and kissed me passionately we broke apart when we smelt something burning he quickly turned around to burning pancakes in the pan. Justin-"Damn it I burnt the pancakes that I made for you. Sorry babe I thought that I would surprise you with breakfast but I burnt the damn things!!" Me-"Its all go we could go out for breakfast or we could have the chocolate cake in the fridge that I made the other day." Justin-"How about we go out to eat and then we will have some cake when we come back." Me-"That sounds like a plan to me." I let go of him and then made my way up to my room and went straight to my closet I got out a nice sky blue shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. I grabbed a pair of converses to put on then I went to my vanity and put on some make-up. When I was about to do my hair Justin walked in. He walked over to my desk and grabbed his phone. He was reading something then looked up at me and smiled Justin-"My mom said that my Jaxon and Jazmyn miss me." Me-"Awww Do you want to go see them before we go out for breakfast because I miss them to!?" I finished my hair by putting it in a bun and then walked over to Justin and gave him a kiss.

          We headed to Justin's house about a block away so it wasn't that far unless you were a person who doesn't like walking. We got to Justin's driveway when he stopped. He got out his phone and texted his mom and told her that we were coming up the drive way so when we knocked to let Jaxon and Jazmyn answer the door first. As we walked up to the door you can her them in there yelling and running around. Justin knocked on the door and His mom Pattie yelled coming. You could here her say to Jaxon and Jazmyn to answer the door. When she was saying that Justin bent down so that when they opened the door he was the first thing they would see. When they opened the door their faces looked so surprised like when a kid gets a present. Jazmyn was the first to notice me standing on the side. She came over and gave me a huge hug and the so did Jaxon. Pattie came out and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. We went in and Justin and Pattie went out into the kitchen to talk. I went into the living room with Jaxon and Jazmyn where they were coloring. Jazmyn colored a rainbow with stars and hearts all over the paper to add more color. Jaxon attempted to draw a car and there was this one part on the side of the car that looked like wings. I told him that I liked the wings and he said that they were flames silly. All of us laughed and then they asked if I would like to color a pic and I of course. Jaz gave me a pack of crayons and Jax went over and got me a piece of paper out of their folders of papers. For a minute or two I had no idea what to draw and then it came to go simple. It said 'Justin and Kyrsten Forever and Always' The words were all colorful like the little heart that I put all around the border of the paper. Justin came in and I jumped up and ran over to him and showed him what a beautiful picture that I drew for him. I kept jumping up and down when he put his hands on my shoulder to stop me. Justin-"Kyrsten I-I-I love it like how I love you with all my heart!" He leaned in and kissed me and I rapped my arms around his shoulders. Jaxon-"eww..gross!" We broke apart and I put my head on his chest and we both laughed at what he said to us. Me-"Hey I have a question for yous! I want to know if yous want to go out to have breakfast with us?" They both said yes but I told them they would have to ask their mother first and then if she said yes that they need to get shoes on. Justin-"I wasn't expecting that at all" Me-"Well im full of surprise!" Justin-"You want to know something?" Me-"Yeah I would like to know" Justin-"I can't see myself without you by my side for the rest of my life. Kyrsten I love you with all my heart." Right then and there I had tears in my eyes. Me-"I can't myself without you either. I love you with all my heart no matter what ever happens." I leaned up and gave him a kiss and then the kiss came running in and said that they were allowed to go. Pattie walked in behind them and said that they are allowed to go but that they needed to behave for me. Me-"I think that they will be like angels on the other hand im not sure about Justin he is a hand full sometimes." Me and her started laughing. I walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a hug. I told her that I was stealing her son tonight. She told me that it was ok as long as he behaved.

       We went to the restaurant called that place to have breakfast. It wasn't a big place but it didn't matter cause we were hungry and just wanted to eat. Me and Jazmyn sat together and Justin and Jaxon sat across from us. It was 10:30 when I checked my phone. I had a text from my mom asking if I was going to the store along my travels if I could get her stuff such as milk, ice tea, bread, etc... I told her that I wasn't and I was out with Justin for breakfast. She didn't answer me so I locked my phone and put it next to Justin's on the table I was wondering why the food was taking so long. Jaxon and Jazmyn were coloring on the paper that they give the kids to color. Justin was sitting there with his head down so reached across and toke his hand cause he looked so tired from last night. He looked up at me and mouthed I love you and I did the same back to him. We just sat there then and stared into eachothers eyes but then our food came and it ruined the moment. I wanted the food to come cause I was hungry but yet again I love the moment we were having. We all got pancakes except Jazmyn she wanted waffles. We had a glass of orange juice to go with it which made it even better. We were heading out the door when Harry and Niall were walking in. Justin didn't say hi or anything he just walked right by them I tired to do the same but, Niall came and gave me a hug. Niall-"Hey funny running into you here usually you make your own breakfast." Me-"Well I thought that I would go out and eat for once ya known try something different." Niall-"True that. So do you wanna hang out later?" Me-"Ill have to see I think I might be busy just text later tho and I will let ya know." Harry-"Hey I need to talk to you?" Me-"Well ill see you later niall" I gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek and I walked right by harry. When I went out Justin was waiting on the bench across the street at the park. I walked over and sat next to him. Justin-"So what did they want?" Me-"Niall wanted to know if I wanted to hangout later and I told I would see but im not going to cause im spending the day with you." He just looked up at me and smiled. Justin-"well what did  harry want he wanted? Me-"He wanted to talk to me but I just totally ignored him." *Justin and Harry don't talk anymore because everything with me* Justin-"ohh" Me-"Do you want to go home now cause I want to take a nap." Justin-"Me to. Jazmyn and Jaxon lets go we're leaving!!" We got up off the bench and wait for them to run over to us. Jazmyn-"I win" She stuck her tongue out at Jaxon. Me-"yous ready to go?" Both-"yeppers"

            We got to Justin's house and I waited outside while he toke the kids in. I texted Niall and said maybe me and Justin could all hang. While I waited for him to text back destiny texted me. Destiny: Hey what u up to? Me: Going home to take a nap wit BF u? Destiny: Ooo...well I wanted to know if u wanted to hang? Me: Maybe me u Justin and Niall can Chill? Destiny: That would be nice just message me then to let me know what's going on then love ya! Me: ok I will love you! I sat there on the hot cement until my butt couldn't take it anymore and then I moved under the weeping willow in Justin's front lawn. It felt like an hour sitting there but It was actually on 15. When he came out he couldn't see me so I went around the tree and grabbed him from behind. I thought he was going to piss himself he got that scared. Justin-"Jesus Kyrsten you scared the crap out of me!!" Me-"I'm sorry babe I love scaring you cause its so easy!" Justin-"Now you ready to go to take a nap?" Me-" That reminds me Destiny wants to know if we want to chill so I thought that maybe me, you, Destiny and Niall can all chill together?" We already getting close to my house and I couldn't wait to flop right down on my bed. Justin-"That would be nice having like a movie night or something you know?" Me-"Ok I will text them now and we will just chill here for the night I guess." I was slowly walking towards the door texting that I almost walked into Justin because he was opening the door. When we got in I went straight into the kitchen and got out two ice tea cartons and a tin of home-made cookies and went upstairs. I'm guessing that harry is already upstairs asleep on the bed. My bedroom door was slightly open so I had to push it open with my butt. I set everything down on my vanity and shut my bedroom door. When I turned around I found him laying there with my laptop in front of his face. Me-"Well look who is still up" Justin-"I'm just say cheese!" As I was walking towards him making a face he toke pic. I hurried up and ran over to him trying to get the phone out of his hand to delete it but by the time I got it it showed me making a face with the caption 'look at my babe she loves making funny face at me all the time!! :)' Me-"I can' believe you did that" Justin-"I'm sorry do you want me to delete it?" Me-"nope not at all because pay back sucks babe!!!" He looked so shocked when I said it to him. After we got done eating all the cookies we sat there and talked. We were making jokes and all so he made the weirdest face I have ever seen. It was that funny that I almost pissed myself and there were tears coming down my face. The best part is that I got a picture of him doing it! I set it as my locked screen wallpaper. I was debating on putting it on twitter but, then I thought that would be really mean even if he did it to. *thinking* When he puts his phone down I will go and delete the picture of his twitter but, what if  I do and then he puts another one like when I'm sleeping. I got up and got my pink fuzzy sleep pants on and my blue t-shirt. I walked back over and locked my door and then locked the balcony door and closed the curtain all the way. Justin-"Do you wanna watch a movie or something until they get over here? I said how about we do a twitcam ? as I went and sat down next to Justin on the bed. He grabbed my laptop and pulled up the twitcam. I went on his twitter and posted that he was going to do one in a couple of minutes. I was like a little girl on Christmas being so excited because I never did a twitcam before. When he started it there was about a million questions popping up right away so I picked out a girl named @JessicalovesJustin. She asked if Justin was in love with me? It took him a minute to decide to say it to millions of people but he looked right at me and said yes yes I do. I blushed and then the question started changing quickly and when I went to go see a couple Justin quickly started to close the laptop and said that he thinks that was enough for him today. Me-"Why we just started it?" Justin-"Well..I....They should becoming really soon and we don't want them to wait until we were done right?" Me-"Yeah I guess that true." *thinking* Justin doesn't do that to people. I wonder why he didn't answer me right away? I could tell that he was lying by the way he acted. I got up of the bed grabbed my phone and went into the bathroom. When I got in there I heard Justin talking. I could barely he what he was saying. It sounded like...Why would yous guys ask if I loved her and then get mad when I said that I did? You cant be going around saying rude comments like that to people! I had to shut the laptop so that she didn't have to see all the rude comments that you were sending to her. Your not only hurting her but, your also hurting me by saying that. Well I hope your happy cause I wont be doing twitcams for awhile. Then I heard the laptop close and then he sighed. I went and sat down on the bathroom floor and started to cry. Just thinking about all the things that they could have been saying the things they did say in front of me and I didn't even know it. How could I be that stupid. I cried softly at first until I kept thinking and then the tears came faster and my crying became louder. I had my head in my knees when I heard the door open up. Justin-"Kyrsten you ok I thought I would co--" He ran over to me and hugged me hard. I hugged him back. Me-"I'm sorry that you had to stick up for me." Justin-"You heard that?" Me-"YES and why didn't you tell me the truth instead of lying." Justin-"Because if I told you. you would be sitting on your bed doing this same thing." Me-"true but when I asked you could have said can we talk about it later we are getting company soon." All of a sudden the door bell rang. Justin went down and answered it as I cleaned myself up and went to go lay in the bed. When the door opened and I saw that It was niall I ran over and gave him a big hug and what he said I love you to which made me cry. Niall-"Hey Kyrsten I missed you." When he looked down at me and he seen that I was crying he asked why I was crying. I looked up and then ran into the bathroom again. I locked the door behind me so that they couldn't come in after me. Niall knocked on the door and asked if he could come in and talk about everything. I told him that I just want to be alone. I sat in there for about 10minutes until I heard them leave out my door. I got up and went over to the door to listen and when I thought it was safe I slowly opened the door and walked out. I walked over to the bed to grab my phone when I felt hands on my hips. I quickly went to turn and run but they picked me up and toke me out on the balcony and then sat me down on bench out there. When I looked up it was Niall. Niall came over and sat down next me and looked me straight in the eyes. Niall-"Now why did you start crying when I said that I love you to. I said it meaning as friends nothing more. Is that why?" Me-"NO" Niall-"Then can you please tell me why?" Me-"Because when I was doing a twitcams with Justin a girl asked if he loved me or not and...." Niall-"Don't tell he said that he didn't" Me-"No he did and then when he did the questions started changing quickly and then I find out that the were saying rude comments about me and all that crap." Before Niall could say anything I gave him a hug that was longer than any hug I ever gave him. I whispered in his ear that I love you as like a big brother and thanks for helping me threw it. I got up and whipped my tears away. I walked over to the door and asked Niall where Justin was. He got up and said that he went downstairs for drinks and snacks then he will be back up. I opened the door and ran over to my bed. I plopped down on it as I went to roll over Niall came running over to do the same thing. I felt him bounce down when he did I bounced to. Me-"Well what movie are we going to watch?" Niall-"Well what kind of movies do you have?" Me-"I have paranormal activity, the millers, insidious, the notebook, avatar, gravity etc......." I got up grabbed Nialls hand and toke him into the closet. I walked him over to what looks like another closet. I let go of his hand and opened the double doors. When I opened it his mouth dropped open. Niall-"o my god. There's so many to choose from!" Me-"Well you can choose and I will be right back." I left him in the closet and went downstairs to check on Justin. I slowly walked towards the kitchen. You could hear him in there singing. As I got closer I could here him singing talk dirty to me by Jason Derulo. He was putting three maybe four bowls on a tray and by the tray he had drinks and cups. I walked quickly but quietly up behind  him and grabbed him by the waist. I made him jumped which was so cute. I leaned up to his ear and whispered I want you I want you bad. I giggled after saying it and he put on such a big smile. He stopped putting the pretzels in the bowl and turned around and kissed me hard. I started to pull up his shirt but, he stopped me. We pulled apart from the kiss and he said that we have company coming and Niall is already here. I just shrugged my shoulders and then went to the fridge. Justin-"Your just gonna leave me hanging?" Me-"What do you mean?" Justin-"You walk away without giving me another kiss!" The way he said it sounded like he was teasing me so I just opened the fridge and bent over. I knew that he would want me as bad as I wanted him and then I thought of something that he would loose to. I grabbed out my cartoon of ice tea and shut the fridge I looked at him and just smiled. Me-"Hey you want to do something?!" I had such a devious look on my face. Justin-"Like what?" Me-"Do you want to see who breaks first?" Justin-"What do you mean?" Me-"Well lets see who will give into each other first!!" Justin-"Well what happens to the one who wins?" Me-"Well they get the other person." When I said it I kissed him. I put down my drink next to him and played with his hair while kissing him. I broke it off and said game on. We could only give a peak on the lips no making out unless you gave up.

       I helped him take the soda and cups up while he brought up the snack tray. We got up there and opened the door to find Niall laying on the bed talking to harry on the phone. It was on speaker cause he asked who was there with him. Niall said me and Justin my heart sank and I set the soda down and the vanity by the door and when I was about to set the cups down Niall said to harry well I can ask them if you can come over. I think I might have died right then and there. I dropped the cups and then the next thing I know I was waking up on my bed to find Justin, Niall, Destiny, and Johnny. I went to go sit up but Justin was telling me lay back down while putting his hand on my shoulder. I pushed his arm off and got up off the bed. I walked to the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I looked at my self in the mirror and I was white as a ghost. I went to the bathroom and then came out to see destiny and Johnny on the balcony talking, Justin sitting on the bed and Niall no where to be found. I walked over to Justin and sat down next to him. Me-"What happened?" Justin-"Well, you were about to set the cups down and you dropped them and then passed out." I didn't say anything to him I just looked him in the eye and said where's Niall? Justin-"Well the door bell rang so Niall--" I looked at Justin and grabbed his hand. I squeezed it so tight that he pulled away. Justin-"What's wrong?" He looked scared. I whispered Harry is the one at the door. Then my bedroom door opened up.  Niall-"hey are you ok Kyrsten?" Niall came over to me as Harry stood there in the doorway. I look right into Harry's eyes and it was like a trance I couldn't look away until Niall sat in front of me on the bed. Me-"Yeah I'm ok. thanks for asking Niall." I leaned in and gave him a hug. Niall-"Well that's good. O and look who came to see if you were all right." He turned around and pointed right at harry. Harry walked over to the other side of the bed and sat down near Justin. Harry-"I wanted to come over before but you didn't answer me and when I asked on the phone you then passed out so Niall told me about it and Justin said that it was ok if I came over to chill with yous for the night." I didn't say anything I just grabbed my phone and ice tea and told them that I was going to get another ice tea. Justin-"I brought up soda" Me-"I want ice tea." I walked towards the door as harry yelled can I have an ice tea to. I didn't say anything I just kept going and shut the door behind me. I was halfway down the stairs when I heard my door open and shut. I kept walking and then I heard my name being called. Harry was running down the stairs to catch up to me. Harry caught up to me at the bottom of the stairs and grabbed my arm to stop me. Me-"What Harry. What do you want so bad?" Harry-"I wanted to talk to you and tell you that I'm sorry for everything but I love you and I always will. I wanted to know if we can be friends again?" I looked into his eyes and right then and there I knew who I was truly in love with. Me-"Yeah I guess we can be friends again." We both smiled and walked to the kitchen and got ice tea. When we were walking back up I almost fell but Harry caught me just in time. Me-"thanks" When we got up to the room everyone was still doing the same thing. I went and laid next to Justin while Niall got up and went and put in the movie that he picked. Destiny and Johnny came in and sat on the floor in front of the bed and Harry and Niall laid down at the end. I laid my head on Justin's chest and asked what movie are we watching. Niall looked up at me and said that you'll see!!!  Johnny yelled from the floor I know what movie it is it's paranormal  activity the marked ones. Niall leaned over the bed and smacked him in the back of the head and yelled that it was suppose to be surprise. We all laughed as I yelled who invited you anyway and Destiny sat up and yelled I did you got a problem we will leave. I told her no but at the same time I didn't know that she was going to be glued to his side when she came for me. My phone started to go off so I got up off of Justin and checked my phone. It was the only other person I didn't want to talk to Dillon. He texted me to see if I wanted to go for a walk or something.  I texted him to leave me alone and he did. I rolled back over and put my head on Justin's chest and wrapped my arm around him and he wrapped his arm around me. Before the movie ended destiny and Johnny were sleeping, Harry was half way there, Niall and Justin were still wide awake. I fell asleep shortly after harry did. For once I fell asleep happy where I was.

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