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This a story about a girl and a boy that fall in love with each other. Best friends since they were young and now there both 16.


1. best friends till the end

       Me and Justin have been best friends since we were like 2. Now we are 16 and still close maybe even closer. He is always here for me when i need him and im there for him. One day i was walking home from school when someone started yelling my name. Justin-"KYRSTEN!!!!" I turn around to see Justin running up to me. Me-"Hey whats up?" Justin-"i wanted to know if you would want to hang out at my place today?" Me-"Yeah." Justin-"Come over around 3." Me-"Ok" i could see in Justin's eyes that he wanted to tell me something and he couldn't wait to. Me-"Are you ok Justin?" Justin-"Well Kyrsten i wanted to tell you something i li....." He was cut off by one of  our friends named Niall. He is Irish and just moved here like a month ago. Me-"Hey Niall?" Niall-"What are yous doing today since it is a Friday night?" Me-"Well im going over to Justin's to hang out." Niall-"Can i come over to Justin?" Justin didn't look to happy about Niall coming over. Justin-"Yeah....Come over around 3:30-4." Niall-"ok see you then." Niall kissed me on the check like everyone else does and ran across the street to meet up the rest of his friends. i got to the front of my house and turned to Justin and say see at 3 but i almost kissed him cause he was that close to me. Me-"Well....i guess i will see you at 3 then." Justin-"ok kyrsten." He went a gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. As i watched him walk away i almost felt like i was going to pass out. I turned to the door, opened it and ran upstairs to my room. I laid on my bed and stared at the pictures of me and Justin above my bed. *thinking to myself* i think im in love with my best friend. What if i tell him and he doesn't like me that way. i don't want to ruin our relationship......

        Knock Knock!!! Justin-"Hey Kyrsten come on it!" i went in and right down to the basement where everyone hangs out. i sat on the couch and looked around *thinking in my head* Should i tell him or should i wait. What if tells me that he likes me what am i going to say to him. Justin came down and sat next to me. Me-"i have a question for you and you have to tell me the truth and don't lie cause i know when you are." Justin-"Ok what is the question?" Me-"Why did you tell Niall to come over at a different time then me?" Justin-"Because i wanted tell you something and i want to be alone when i told you." Me-"Well what is it...Don't keep me waiting." Justin-"Well for the longest time now i have been wanting to tell you that i like you alot.....i mean more then friends." He had tears forming in his eyes as he turned away and i could see the a tear drop fall on the floor. Me-"O....Well why are you crying?" He wouldn't answer me so i got closer to him and held his hand with my one hand and grab his face with the other one. I  whipped the tears away as i said "I like you alot to Justin. I just didn't want to say it to your face because i didn't know if you felt the same." Justin-"Well what happens now?" Me-"We...." He kissed me and i kissed him back. We were still kissing when we heard footsteps coming down the stairs. We broke apart and just waited to see who it was. Niall-"Hey guys whats going on?" Niall ran over to me and jumped on my lap. Me-"Hey...Niall..." Justin-"Well what do you want to do now?" Me-"We can watch a movie" Niall-"yeah how about a scary one?" Justin-"YEAH!!" when he said that he looked right at me cause he knew i would get scared easily and then he would have had an excuse to hold me.

       Justin found a movie and put it in. I sat in the middle of Niall and Justin. It was pitch black down there and the movie didn't help since it was scary and a it was mostly night all the time in the movie. Justin*whispering*-"So what was that before?"  Me-"What are you talking about?" Justin-"This..." He kissed me passionately but broke away. I just sat there shocked again about kissing me. It was different the second time he kissed. I felt like i just wanted to be with him all the time but being more than friends. Me-"Well you kissed me!" We just sat there and watched the rest of the movie in silence. 

        When the movie was over Justin fell asleep, me and Niall were awake. We went upstairs and told Justin's mom that he fell asleep while watching the movie. She gave us a couple of cookies that she was baking. We gave her a hug and said good bye as we left. Niall-"I'll walk you home." Me-"You dont have to do that for me." Niall-"Well im gonna anyway just to make sure you are safe." Me-"Ok Niall." Niall-"Is it ok if i ask what you and Justin were talking about during the movie? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to Kyrsten." *thinking to myself* I don't know if i should tell him until i  actually know where me and Justin are going because of the kiss or do i tell him like i should because he heard us whispering. I god im so confused. Why do people always ask me things that im not sure about or that i don't want anyone to know. Me-"I will tell you later." Niall-"ok." As we were walking home it started pouring out. Of course the one day i straightened my hair and it looked really nice with the bow i had in it had to rain. Just my luck!! Me-"CRAP my hair and i forgot my jacket at Justin's " Niall stopped walking and grabbed my arm. He toke of his jacket and put it on me and put the hood up. Niall-"There know your hair wont be frizzy!" Me-"Thanks Niall."

          By the time we got to my house the rain picked up even more. *Standing on my porch* Me-"You could stay over if you want instead of try to walk home in this rain!" Niall-"Yeah, if im aloud to. Your mom will probably say yes but just to make sure." We both went in and toke of our shoes and i toke of Niall's jacket. I went up and asked my mom and she said yes. Before i went down i went into the hallway closet and turned on the light. I walked over to a dresser that i put in there with Niall and Justin's clothes for when this happens or if they stayed over. I also had the other boy cloths in the other two dressers but they never really came over. As i was in the there i heard a big bang and then the lights went out. I screamed and as i turned around to get out of the closet the door shut. The one thing i always forgot was that the door shuts alot and gets stuck and dumb me i forgot to put the stopper there to keep the door open. Niall yelled up from downstairs "whats going on. Are you ok up there Kyrsten." Me-"Yeah but locked in can you help." I tried not to yell cause everyone was sleeping. I heard him coming up the stairs. Niall-"Where are you?" He whispered as he said it. Me-"I the closet with everyone's clothes." He came over and opened the door by lifting it up a little cause it was caught on the carpet. When he opened it i literally jumped into his arms. Niall-"You ok?" Me-"i hate that closet so much!" We both laughed. Me-"here are your clothes now go get changed." He got changed in the hallway bathroom as i got changed in my bathroom. I came out of the bathroom to Niall laying on my bed. Me-" You know what to do right." Niall-"of course i do!" He got down on his knees by my bed and pulled out the other bed from underneath my bed. We both laid down on the beds. Niall fell asleep and as i dosing off i got a text from Justin and i said well how was the movie? I told it was good but was with the kisses? After i sent that message 5 minutes passed by and he didn't reply so i went to bed.

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