Just a love story between a regular 17 year old girl growing up in Chicago and falling in love with a boy from the one and only, One Direction.


2. Call me sometime?

"Oh, i'm s-s-so sorry! Here, let me help you pick up your things," i said freaking out. He just laughed and grinned. "It's not that big of a deal hun," he uttered. I just smiled and bent down to pick up a folder that said "THE BAND!". i stood up and handed it to him. "Here you go, and again, i'm seriously sorry." i said, practically whispering. "Thanks, and it's okay! Whats your name love?" he said calmly, inside i was dying. He looked so familiar, but i couldnt put a name on him. "um, I'm Lily, Lily McCarthey." i said, then bit my bottom lip. " Beautiful name," he said with a wink. "And yours?" i said, finally calming down, then it hit me. He was the one and only... "I'm Harry Styles, you seriously didnt recognize me?" he said lauhging. "Oh my... no! what a great disguise. Wow, thee Harry Styles. Right infront of me all because I made him drop everything." I said giggling. "Ha, how old are you Lily?" "I'm 17. and i already know that your 18!" i said grinning. "Your a fan?!" he said surprisingly. "of course! you guys are amazing," i stuttered "hot too." i said ever so softly. "Hot too? Well, youre not bad yourself love." he said chuckling. Omg, thee Harry Styles called me good looking. Someone call a doctor cause im about to faint! "Ha, thanks! But i need to get to class, i'm running really late!" i said starting to walk away slowly. I didnt want to leave his gorgeous eyes and perfect smile. "Aw, we should get together sometime. I'm sure the boys would love you! So, could i like, maybe get your number?" he said with that flawless smile. "um, OF COURSE!" i laughed, practically shouting. I gave him my cell phone number and we hugged and said goodbye, then i ran off to class. Today wasnt being so bad after all...

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