Just a love story between a regular 17 year old girl growing up in Chicago and falling in love with a boy from the one and only, One Direction.


1. Late Start.

Lily; P.O.V

"Lily! Get up, you have school today! Oh, and I have a suprise for you!" as I heard my mom yell, I jumped out of bed and looked at the clock. Yay, only 30 minutes to get ready. I moaned, then stood up and walked to the bathroom. I look my rat nest of hair, and my face. I sighed, then washed my face with my Neutrogena face wash and then brushed my naturally long brown, unfrizzy, beach wave hair. I ran towards my room and put on my dark skinny jeans and a floral tanktop with ruffles and threw on blakc socks and ran into the bathroom. I curled my long eyelashes, then put on mascara. I brushed my teeth quickly, then smiled at myself in the mirror. I walked into my bedroom, having 10 minutes left. I placed my grey toms on my feet and and trudged down the 12 stairs I went down everyday. I greeted my mom, dad, and older brother, Tyler. I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek, then softly punched Tyler. "What is up lil' sista?" he said with a grin. I laughed, "Getting up late? Oh, it's perfect." I said sarcastically and rolled my eyes. I looked around then raised my eyebrows. "Where's dad?". "He is already at work." "oh." I said softly. My dad was a lawyer, so he was barely ever home. "Oh, gosh! I'm totally late! Jeez, bye!" I shouted as I ran out the door. I jumped into my red Jeep, and drove to school. I realized I had to park a block away because I came too late for a parking spot. I cursed to myself, then jumped and locked the car. I started to walk fast, then looked down at my iphone 4s for less then 5 seconds and ran into a gorgeous boy with green eyes and curly brown hair.
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