Bradford bad boii to Bradford sweet heart <3

Avilon a 18 year old is bullied to the point that she cant take it anymore.
Zayn Malik from One Direction takes a little intrastate in her .
Zayn try's to make the pain and sorrow from her past disappear.
Read this Movella and find out the rest !! <33



3. Our Version :D

~15 Minutes Later~

Avilon's Pov

I sat in the car and honcked the horn to signal to brii to hurry up and to let her know im outside.When she gotout i admierd her look, Her long brown wavy hair was in a rope braid on the side of her head and her one blonde streak was let loose on the side made into a perfect curl.She wore a lace black shirt with a white tanktop underneath and light pink skinny jeans.for makeup she wore her pink glittery eyeliner and a thin coat of mascara.She got into the car.

"Brii your a stunner" she blushed " thanks Avi u look amaZayn yourself" " why thank you.." i took a deap breath trying to stay calm but failed as i screamed " IM SO FRICKN EXITED!!! WE NEED TO GO SHOPPING AFTER SCHOOL OKAY" she looked at me and smiled, i allredy knew what she was going to say but i let her speak anyways "what did u think Avs we were gonna wear used cloths" we both laughed.

i turned on the Radio and "Rock me" came on by One Direction. Brii and I both started laughing because we change up the lyrics to " Fuck me" when the bridge came on we started to scream at the top of our lungs " F-U-C-K ME AGAIN F-U-C-K ME AGAIN F-U-C-K ME AAGAIIN" when the song ended we were at school.

This is where Hell Began



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