Bradford bad boii to Bradford sweet heart <3

Avilon a 18 year old is bullied to the point that she cant take it anymore.
Zayn Malik from One Direction takes a little intrastate in her .
Zayn try's to make the pain and sorrow from her past disappear.
Read this Movella and find out the rest !! <33



1. My Life

Hello My Name Is Avilon Smile witch is weird because i hardly ever smile

i get bullied on a day to day bases by a girl name Cassandra Love and her "Clique" they make fun of me for everything what i eat, the way i dress, my family and so much more. I live with my dad because when i was younger my Mother abused me and she allways favored my brother it took about 5 years to get her out of my hands for good, from Child services to Foster Homes. Now i fully live with my dad and his Fiance and her 2 kids Kendell and Dylan. Kendell is 22 and Dylan is 26 . Im Avilon Smile and This Is my Life :/

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