Bradford bad boii to Bradford sweet heart <3

Avilon a 18 year old is bullied to the point that she cant take it anymore.
Zayn Malik from One Direction takes a little intrastate in her .
Zayn try's to make the pain and sorrow from her past disappear.
Read this Movella and find out the rest !! <33



4. Love it should be Hate

Avilon's Pov

To my surprise Cassandra was right outside my car door with a soda in her hands.

" Oh look everyone its the Charaty case, poor little Avi getting shipped of because her parets don't like her. if i were your parents i wouldnt like you eather"

I felt tears prick my eyes as i wisperd under my breath " please just leave me alone" Cassandra heard me and she said " I Own you now " as she threw her soda on me and walked away with a flip of her hair.

Brii ran up to me

"Avi are you ok ? do you want to go home we could skip today and tomorrow if you want" i shook my head to let her know i was ok and i didn't want to leave.

Cassandra came back "why are you to largo's skipping tomorrow? Oh wait... you going to see One Direction aren't you" she looked back at her possie " they are going to see One Direction HAHAHA like they will EVER look at you you are fat,ugly,stupid,poor,unloved and you are a slut one guy told me you selpt with him for five buxx, yourjust that cheap"

i looked up at brii who saw me in tears. i got up and went into my car, she got in to, Cassandra was next to my car and she screamed " WE WILL BE THERE, SO DONT TRY TO GO NEAR THEM I WILL HURT YOU IF YOU DO"

i was in tears brii was comforting me as i drove back home in tears

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