Bradford bad boii to Bradford sweet heart <3

Avilon a 18 year old is bullied to the point that she cant take it anymore.
Zayn Malik from One Direction takes a little intrastate in her .
Zayn try's to make the pain and sorrow from her past disappear.
Read this Movella and find out the rest !! <33



2. Avi Guess what !!

Avilon's Pov

"Avi Hunny get up" said dad, "Okay Dad" as i got out of bed and went into the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes and got into the steamy shower.As the water hit my naked skin i thought about what would happen today at school, would Cassandra and the Bitches make fun of me today... ofcorse they would, as  i set aside my thoughts i got out of the shower and went back to my room got on my gray shirt with floral prints from garage and my jeggings slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks and went into the kitchen. Dad had left for work and he left me 2 peices of toast with Nutella on it. i ate the Toast happily and went back into the bathroom to do my hair and apply makeup. As i got into the Bathroom i took my long curly hair and put it into a side bun took out my straitner and pulled out random strands and curled them. I took out my Makeup Bag and applyed a thin line of Black eyeliner and then put on a thick coat of mascara.I heard my phone buzz i ran to my room and it was my friend Briana she texted me " AVIIII OMG TOMORROW ONE DIRECTION IS COOMING TO TOWN AND THEY ARE DOING A SIGNING!!! WNNA DITCH SCHOOL WTH ME AND GO SEE THEM!!" i quickly replied "OMG BRII BRII ITS A DREAM COME TRUE!!! OMG YES I WILL LUVV U BE THERE 2 PICK U UP IN 2 <33 MUAHH"

I got into my car and was off to Brii's house....


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