Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


2. Timing

 Zayn opened the door wider and stepped back to let me in and my eyes widened slightly. His house was HUGE! I turn and look at everything before I turn and look back at him.

"You like my house cuz?" He asked and I feel like fangirling at the fact that Zayn Malik just called me 'cuz'.

"Ya it's pretty sweet!" I say and he chuckles slightly and motions for me to follow him up the stairs. I drag my suitcase up the stairs and look up to see he's standing beside a door to the right.

"This," he says opening the door, "is your room." I start towards the door and Zayn steps out of the way to let me in. It's a big room that's a nice shade of blue, there's a king sized bed tucked in the corner of the room and a large white desk and a wall with hooks to hold my guitar and,

"Is that my DRUM KIT?!" I ask and I look underneath and see my initials on the bass drum.

"Ya the letter said everything would be left behind until it got shipped over and I thought this might make you feel more welcome..." he says and I drop my stuff on the bed and sit down behind it and start to play 'Cross my Heart' by Marianas Trench on the drums. After I finish I look up to see Zayn's eyebrows have nearly disappeared beneath his hair.

"Wow your really good, Ally." He says.

"Thanks." I say and he says something about going to get to bed and closes my door and I hear him walk down the hall. I'm still wide awake as it's 1:30 in the afternoon back home so I go over my new bedroom and see a door I didn't notice before, I open it to see a closet about the size of my old room.

"How much money do they make?" I ask and I close the door again and sit down on my bed and take out my guitar and strum a few quiet tunes and my eyes start to droop and before I know it i'm hanging my guitar on one of the hooks and then flopping down on the bed and close my eyes and let sleep take me.


Before I know it I hear someone yelling downstairs and I roll over and groan. Man did I really meet Zayn Malik? Was he really my cousin? Just as i'm convincing myself that it was all a dream I hear a knock on the door and Zayn came in looking guilty.

"Sorry if I woke you, that damned cat of Harry's!" He says shaking his head and I giggle and check the time. 8:30 pm back home so it's 10:30 here......

"Zayn what's the time here?" I ask and he checks his watch.

"10:30 why?" He asks and I gather I yawn and I change the time on my phone as well just so I don't confuse myself.

"Just curious. My body still thinks i'm in Forbes so I just wanna change the time so I can-" I'm cut off by my ringtone which just so happens to be WMYB and I groan as Zayn excuses himself and I hear him laughing outside my door.

"Hello?" I ask and my best friend Evelyn responds.

"OMG I MISS YOU!!!" She yells and I hear voices laugh in the background laughing at her, which meant Sofia and Zoe our other best friends where there with her, so I put her on speaker phone.

"Hey guys whats up?" I ask and I hear Zoe's voice instead this time.

"DID YOU MEET ONE DIRECTION!!???!!!! IF YOU DO TELL HARRY I LOVE HIM!!!" She yelled and I hear laughter outside again, then a someone falling down the stairs, then a cat screeching.

"What was that Ally?" asked Sophia and I contain my laughter as Zayn yells that he's ok.

"Who was that?" asked Evelyn curious.

"Just my cousin...." I mumble but Zayn chose that moment to burst in my room.

"I'm ok!! It's alright!!" He says then falls down on my bed panting.

"IS THAT ZAYN MALIK??!!!" Squeals Sophia and I wince.

"Who's on the phone?" Zayn asked and I groaned while my friends squealed.

"Guys meet my cousin Zayn! Bye gotta go love ya!" I say to them before they can process what I just said.

"Wow the four biggest directioners of Australia!!" Zayn says chuckling and I shoo him out so I can change. No sooner am I dressed in a tank top and ripped skinny jeans, does the doorbell ring and I hear someone yell outside.

"ZAYN I WANT MY PUSSY CAT BACK!!" I recognize the voice as Harry Styles and I squeal and dig my hairbrush out of my bag and try to brush my curly black hair.

"Zayn!!" I hear Louis Tomlinson yell when Zayn opens the door and I squeal again and jump on to the bed and too late I realize the bed squeaked. Everything went quiet and then I hear scuffling as I hear Zayn yell at them and say that something just fell. I hear a knock on the door.

"HELLO!!!" I hear the voice of my celebrity crush Niall Horan and I lose it and that's when the door opened and the cat ran in tripping Liam.

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