Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


5. High school is hell

I'm grounded. Is your cousin allowed to ground you for dating one of their bandmates?! I didn't think so! But here I am packing my school bag for, well, school and I have strict orders to go straight home afterwards. I send Niall a text and he texts back.

To: Nialler

So do u and zayn and the boys have a inteview?

From: Nialler

ya didn't zayn tell u???

To: Nialler

No he's giving me the silent treatment :(

From: Nialler

I'd talk to him but he's giving me the silent treatment too :(

To: Nialler 

ya I feel he might be over reacting a bit

From: Nialler

No, your just his baby cousin and he feels the need to be protective!

To: Nialler

I guess your right... g2g I have my first day of school today :p

From: Nialler

Txt u later then!! 

I close my phone and sit outside waiting for the bus playing on my iPhone when the bus pulled up. I hate this uniforms they suck! Navy blue plaid skirt with the polo shirts and ties, whoever designed these wanted to commit social suicide. I get on and the whispers start and I just ignore them and walk to the back of the bus.

"Is anyone sitting there?" I ask a girl with red hair reading a book sitting by herself.

"Nope help yourself." She says glancing up and then going back to her book. I sit and re-adjust my headband to keep my curly black hair out of my face.

"GUYS!!!! GUESS  WHAT?! NIALL GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!" Yelled a girl with blonde hair as she got on the bus at the next stop with a gaggle of girls surrounding her. I groan and try to hide my face so they won't recognize me, but the girl misinterpreted my groan.

"What?! Do you have something against my babies?!!" she practically screams as the bus starts again and everyone goes silent.

"And if I did?!" I say and look her dead in the eyes.

"Well then you would want to watch your back!!" she says and I snort in her face and everyone gasps.

"Excuse me?!" she says and I mock her by clutching my heart and pretending to die.

"NOO!! Your soo intimidating!" I say mockingly.

"Don't do this!" the girl beside me whispered in my ear and I just ignore her.

"Shut up Jasmine!" the blonde snapped and I feel a rush of anger towards her.

"Why don't you Porky Pig!" I snap back and she turns bright red.

"How dare you!" she says and I feel my phone vibrate and I watch her eyes light up in a look of revenge. I dive for my phone and I grab it just as she does. I stop just as she collides with the floor as I pulled my bag away and took my phone out.

From: Nialler 

don't get in to any trouble Zayn might kill you! That's his old high school!

I look up to see everyone looking at me except the blonde girl who was holding her nose and had her friends looking at her.

"YOU BROKE MY NOSE YOU BITCH!!!" She screamed.

"Good! Maybe your parents will let you get a nose job so you won't look as hideous!!" I say.

"YOU JUST GOT BURNED ROZIE!!"  A jock at the front said giving the other guys with him a high five.

"AT LEAST YOU WON'T EVER GET TO DATE MY BABY NIALL!!" She screamed and I smirked.

"Too late!"  I say and get off of the bus as we pull up in front of the school.

To: Nialler

You might need to save me today

From: Nialler

Y?? WHAT DID U DO???!!

To: Nialler

I think I broke the popular girls nose because I snorted when she said that u and the boys were her babies.......

From: Nialler

I'll pick u up after school but no more beating up the rich kids!

To: Nialler

alright :-(

From: Nialler

I might need Paul to hold Zayn back when I tell him.....

To: Nialler

see you later!!

From: Nialler

Alright bye babe!

I slip my phone in my pocket but not before putting a lock on it for good measure.


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