Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


3. Expectations

"Uh, hello?" I ask as Liam stands up cursing the cat and all the boys crowd in, Zayn looking guilty, Liam looking ruffled, Harry was searching for his cat and Louis was making weird faces behind their backs and Niall was smiling at me and I quickly turned away.

"My pussy cat!!!" Harry cried holding up his cat, who by the way, did not look happy. I laughed at him with the others and stood up.

"I'm Ally! Zayn's my cousin."I added hastily as every head swiveled in Zayn's direction.

"How come you never told us your cousin was coming to live with you?!" Louis said teasingly as Zayn looked like he robbed a bank.

"Because I only found out two days ago!" He says defending himself and Niall tutted.

"ALLY'S FRIEND LOVES HARRY!!!!!" he yells out as everyone looked at me now.

"What!?! It's true Zayn eavesdropped on my phone call!" I say back. Man this was like a bad comedy. Harry looked at his cat and started to whisper to it. Man this was weird.

"Oh! You have a guitar!" Niall says walking over and picking up my guitar and starts to play 'Wonderwall' and Louis starts to sing to it. I manage to slip out while they dance around and I go explore until I hear footsteps behind me and I hide my smile.

"Where you going?" I hear Niall ask , so i'm guessing the others are still singing but someone else is playing guitar.

"Exploring." I reply simply and turn around to face him. He was breathtakingly handsome up close. His hair was perfect and he had the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen, and he made braces look hot.

"Well can I help you?" He asked and I nodded and started walking again. He caught up to me and followed me down the hall. We looked all over and explored pretty much every room. We walked back in to the dinning room and all the boys where there. 

"So where were you guys?" asked Louis wiggling his eyebrows suggestively making me blush and as I walked to sit down opposite Zayn, I tripped over Harry's cat! 

"Ow dammit!" I say and accidentally fall backwards causing Niall to catch me. I turn cherry red as everybody laughs at me and I quickly stand up just as my phone rings. Who would call me I don't know anyone in England except the boys and it must be like 12 am back home. They laugh at my ringtone and I tell them to shush.

"Hello?" I ask not putting it on speaker phone this time.

"ALLY!!" I hear Evelyn yell and I hold the phone away from my ear slightly. 

"Yup that's me! What's up?" I ask and this time she sounds slightly mad.


"Because I only found out yesterday ni-" I was cut off as Niall pulled the phone away.

"Hello! This is Niall Horan and your call could not be put through, have a nice day!" He says and hangs up.

"Niall!!!! That was my bestfriend on the phone!!" I yell jumping up to try and grab the phone as he held it higher above my head.

"No today I want to show you around England!" He said and I gave up.

"Fine! Where are we going?!" I ask as he slips my phone in his pocket. He leans down and whispers in my ear. He said,

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