Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


8. crushes and acquaintances

"WAKE UP LEPRECHAUN!!!" I yell in Niall's ear as he snores and rolls over. It's seven and we leave for America in two hours and the ride to the airport was roughly a half hour.

"I don't wanna get up!!" Niall complains and I sigh.

"Well what if I do this?" I say tickling him and he starts to giggle and kick around and I jump off the bed and he falls on to the floor face first.

"OW!" He yelled and Liam ran in his face half shaved and a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and he had his pants slung over his arm.

"Who deed? Anzie injurys??" he asked and I stood with my mouth hanging open at him as Niall groaned and started to pick himself up.

"How many things where you trying to do at once??" I ask looking at the shoe dangling from his hand and the pencil behind his ear.

"I'm fine thanks Ally!!" Niall said sarcastically in the background and I shushed him.

"Juz fize tings!" Liam said blushing as Eleanor and Louis ran in a little late.

"WHO DIED!!!!" Louis screamed running up to Niall and started to stroke his hair as Eleanor and I stifled giggles.

"A vittle vate vouis!!" Liam said trying not to spit everywhere.

"LI LI!!! WHO ATTACKED YOU!!!" Louis yelled running up to Liam and throwing his razor on the ground. "DIE YOU CREATION OF THE DEVIL!!" Louis screamed smashing the thing. 

"Ok Lou!! I think you helped enough!!" Eleanor said taking Louis arm and pulling him out of the room as he curses the razor that Liam was mourning.

"MOOOO!!!" Liam yelled scooping up the remains and walking out of the room as I turned to Niall.

"I hope Liam's ok!!" I say and Niall facepalms and I giggle.

"You know I hate you right now, right?" Niall says and I laugh and go put my arms around his neck and he puts his arms around my waist.

"Yep, but we both know that won't last!" I say in his ear pushing our bodies together causing him to moan slightly. "So!! Until you don't hate me, I guess I'll just have to go change!" I say and walk out of Niall's room and walk in to my room.

"TEASE!!" Niall shouts sticking his head out of the door.

"AND PROUD!!" I shout back and disappear in to my room. I look through my clothes and settle on a pair of black short shorts and a white belt and a flower printed top. I push my hair back with a white head band and slip on my flip flops and grab my suitcase.

"ALLY!!! ARE YOU READY??!!!" I hear Zayn yell downstairs.

"COMING!!!" I yell back and drag my suitcase down the stairs and see a disgruntled Liam who was half shaved, a upset Louis who was trying to be consoled by Eleanor, Zayn looking testy and Niall looking at me with a puppy dog face and Harry fixing his hair in the mirror and singing... soft kitty??

"Alright!! Let's go!!" Zayn says as I reach them. We head out the door and pile in a big, black SUV, Harry and Zayn in the front, Eleanor and I behind them and Niall behind me and Louis behind Ellie and Liam behind the empty seat. 

"LET'S GO!!!!" Harry yelled and we all laughed and Zayn started the car and we all started to talk. 

"Sooo!!!" Ellie said quietly looking behind us and making sure Louis and Niall where still arm wrestling. 

"Sooo what?" I ask confused and Eleanor leans closer and I lean in but just before she can talk Liam yells.

"WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!" He screeches and Zayn slams the breaks and we all fly forwards and then backwards as the car turns slightly and screeches to a stop. Liam unbuckles his seat belt and rushes out of the car, leaving us to clamber after him. As we get out we see a girl covered head to toe in dust coughing and Liam going up to her.

"Oh my gosh!! Are you alright??" He asks and she looks up and Liam looks stunned. All you could really see where a pair of vibrant blue eyes through all the dust.

"Yep!! I'm fine, and just out of curiosity, do you normally nearly run over innocent pedestrians??" she asks and as we approach I see Liam blushing and towering over her, but she didn't seem to care. 

"Not normally..." Liam says going redder and I poke Ellie and point at Liam and we start to giggle.

"Soo am I special???" she asks and I feel bad for Liam at this point so I step in.

"Hi! Nope you just happened to go unnoticed by my klutz of a cousin, Zayn over there, and if it wasn't for Liam here, well we would probably be hiding your body in a ditch nearby!" I say and she blushes. Wow!! Do they like each other??

"Oh well where were you going that was so important???" Louis asks and she looks up and her eyes widen. 

"Y-y-your L-L-Louis Tomlinson!!" She stutters and he shrugs and touches his heart.

"So I've been told!" he says and I laugh at him.

"T-the airport! I was going to the airport but my mom couldn't drive me and I had no money for a taxi so I was walking!" she says holding up her suitcase for proof. 

"Where were you going??" I Zayn asks.

"The USA to visit some family." she says and Ellie's eyes light up deviously.

"We're going to the US too!!! We can drive you!!" she says and Liam turns and gives her the evil eye of death.

"Are you sure??" she asks and I nod with Eleanor causing Liam to look at us with hatred.

"Yep!! What's your name love??" Harry asks and Liam looks at the floor as if wishing it would swallow all of us.

"Johanna." she says and we all smile. (pronunciation: Joe-Hanna)

"Nice to meet you Johanna!" Niall says and Harry goes to pick up her luggage but Liam stops him.

"I'll do it considering I saved her life!" he said and Johanna blushes and we all pile in the car again, this time I'm in the very back with Ellie and Niall, Zayn and Louis are at the very front, leaving Liam and Johanna together in the middle separated of course, by Hazza.

"LET'S GO!!!" Harry yelled and we started for the airport.

A/N: Hey guys!!! Hope I got it right picturing your personality Johanna (Onedirection lover70), may be adding another character as well but not for a while!!! 

Until the next chap!


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