Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


6. Confusion

Pushing through the hallways took a lot of upper body strength and muscle, both of which I had quite a bit of.  So far the mean girl, Rozie, hadn't messed with me and I was glad, seeing as this school was HUGE!! I mean I got lost going to the front doors! The front doors!

"Hey you leaving?" Jasmine asked me and I nodded.

"Afternoon spare." I say and she nods and I see Niall pull up, thankfully with no Zayn. He got out of the car and I see out of my eye Rozie looking at me murderously. As I smile and walk up to the car Niall steps out and pulls me in to a hug and I kiss him lightly.

"Hey beautiful!" He says happily and I throw my bags in the back as we get in.

"Hey handsome!" I say back as I duck in to the car as girls start to recognize him. We pull out and my phone vibrates.

From: Zayn


To: Zayn

I may or may not have gotten in trouble because a retard said u guys were her babies

From: Zayn

So?! Lot's of girls do that!

To: Zayn

Ya but this one was saying it like you were her property!!

From: Zayn

Ok that's creepy I admit but still!

To: Zayn

well she pissed me off ok?!

I shut my phone now in a bad mood. 

"Whats wrong?" Niall asked glancing over at me and I just huff. "Zayn's being a little protective because he thinks that you need someone to look out for you." He says and I sink in my seat.

"I guess but I'm not four!" I say and Niall nods as we pull up in front of the house. Zayn comes out to greet us.

"Look Allie! I'm sorry but I have decided something..." He said glancing at Niall.

"What!" I ask impatiently.

"I have decided...."

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