Ally loved the boy band one direction and when she was shipped to Bradford, England from Forbes, Australia the last thing she expected was that her cousin (who for some reason her parents made it clear that she had to live with him after they died....) was the Zayn Malik from the One Direction. And the last thing she wanted was for one of the other boys to fall for her.


4. Caught

Niall and I where sitting in his car singing along to the radio as we headed in to London to explore the city.

"So Ally your in high school right?" Niall asks and I stick out my tongue.

"Ya i'm in 12 grade now." I say sighing and Niall smiles at me.

"So where are you going to school?" he asks

"Probably a public school somewhere in Bradford, I still have to look up schools." I say sticking out my tongue again as Niall navigates are way through the crowded streets of London. We change the topic as we find a parking lot by a mall.

" NOW WE EXPLORE!" Niall says jumping out of the car and striking a superman pose startling some american tourists.  I laugh at him and he grabs my hand and pulls me out of the car as some girls started to run at him asking for autographs. We run in to the mall and duck in to a store and hide behind a clothes rack. It took me a minute to realize Niall was still holding my hand, and I blush slightly until he speaks again.

"Ok! I think they're gone so let us EXPLORE!!!" Niall says pulling me up as we run out of the store to many stares. We pass the tourists again and run out of the mall and head to a park. I jump on a swing when Niall and I got to it and he comes up behind me and starts to push me back and forth.

"TO HIGH!!!" I yell as I feel the swing tip slightly when I get to the top and Niall stops the swing and I stumble off like a drunk.

"Wow I think I got you high!" He says and I giggle making me fall over and Niall catches me and I look up in to his blue eyes and feel as though no one else in the world mattered at all, it was just me and Niall. He leans down and our lips touch and I literally feel on the top of the world.

"NIALL!!! OH MY GOD!!" I hear a girl scream and I break apart from Niall and the feeling disappears. I stand up and blush as girls crowd around Niall pushing me out of the way. I wander and reach a bench and text my friends. About fifteen minutes later Niall appears looking like he was run over by a truck .

"Let's explore another day....." Niall says and I giggle and get up from my bench and Niall grabs my hand and we walk back together holding hands and walking back to the car. We get in and I lean in and kiss Niall. He kisses back and we sit there kissing until we have to break apart. I smile as he starts the car and heads to Zayn's house. The sun is starting to set and I just watch it until we get there. We see Zayn standing outside looking like a thundercloud. I hear Niall groan and this must be a bad thing, when he storms up to us as we get out of the car and I see the boys standing outside now as well.

"What's up Zayn?" I ask trying to sound cheerful. H e responds by showing me his phone which had a picture of Niall and I kissing in the park.

"Explain!" He yells and I feel Niall tense. Niall opened his mouth and started to say...

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