The Shadow Of A Broken Girl.


1. Her Friendly Shadow

It was early morning and I was going to visit a graveyard that my best friend had been buried in.

She was killed in a fiery accident, she nearly got out but a strange force held her to the ground and stopped her moving making her motionless, she inhaled the smokey fumes and they poisoned her lungs and her heart just give up.... In a blur, she was gone.

I still believe she is here with me every night because I can feel it.

Sometimes I can here her talking in my bedroom and she talks about what I meant to her and that she's thankful because I tried to save her but the firemen pulled me away because it was too risky for my own health but I really wanted to save her, I had no choice but to let her go.

She's not mad because of that, everyday, she sits at the bottom of my bed and talks to me about what she's doing now, and about me, I'm the only person in her life who knew her whole story, I was really close to her and we appreciated everything we did together.


I walked along the path to the cemetery, the sun was just starting to rise and it was cold but I felt her there beside me, it was scary but I didn't show I was scared even though deep down I was scared shhhh....less.

I got to the graveyard and it was just silent and scary and damp.

I got to my friends and I put the flowers down and just literally started crying, I broke down and I couldn't stop crying, I could feel water dripping down my face and they were getting heavier and heavier with each drop.

I finished visiting her grave, on her grave was

"The best friend anyone could have,
Lilongwe was the best daughter and friend anyone could have,
May she rest in peace and be blessed for eternity,
May 7th 1993 - May 7th 2013"

"Scary dates there" I thought to myself as I got up to walk away.

She was only 20, she never fully developed as an adult, she cooked and she sung for charity, she sung *I'm Already There* she died 3 hours later......

Everyone is still in shock, it's only been about a year since her death, I miss her dearly.
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