Chasing Cars

2 girls Avalon & Sage move to london england. The 2 girls came not looking for love, but unexpextingly meats the love of their lifes Liam Payne & Niall HOran


1. London



"I can't believe we're finally here" Sage Squels as we step out of the London airport 

"It's beautiful!" Sage Says looking around at all the sights  "Not just the places" I laugh pointing to the 2 guys down the street looking at us "cute!" Sage says "Should we go get their numbers" She laughs  "We'll we can't just go up and say give me your number! I saw loudly am we both stop laughing and grab our luggage and head down the street to the coffe shop they were at "remember Calm and causal" Sage whispers as we walk into the coffe shop and sit down and order to Chocolate Latte  "Their coming in!" Sage Wisper yells at me, slapping my arm and my coffee spills all over me     "Oh my god!" I hear the light brown hair boy hair say and him And his blonde haired friend run over to us "Are you okay?!?" The boy says  "Yea I'm fine, just a little coffee" I say to him looking up, we both get stuck in the moment, staring at each other. "I'm Liam" He Says smiling, Grabbing my hand and helping me out of the coffee covered chair "Avalon" I reply back smiling   ~Sages POV~ The blonde haired boy was named Niall, I felt an instant connection with him. His bright blue eyes looked into mine and I melted.    ~Ava's POV~ "So are you ladies new to town" The boy Niall asks us as all 4 of us sit down at a different table, Liam and I on one side, Sage and Niall on the other "Yep" Sage Says to him with an immediate reply.  "Do you guys have a place to stay?" Liam asks us quickly. I looked down into my pocket, our hotel papers were drenched in coffee "Not anymore" I say, setting the coffee covered papers onto a napkin. Niall and Liam glance at each other "You can stay with us!" The both repeat at the same time. Sage and I look at each other and come to an agreement "Really? Thank you so much" Sage tells them "Welcome! Niall looks over at her smiling      We all stand up and sage and I grab our luggage and we all start walking out the door. I turn and see Niall and Sage Holding hands as we walk, I smiled at her and laughed at little, she knew why.   ~sage POV~ I looked down at my hand grasped in nialls and I didn't know how to feel, I didn't feel bad, or uncofteble, but happy. I hadn't felt this way about a guy in  forever. I wasn't sure to say anything to Niall though, he might have just been doing this to be friendly, Or maybe because he liked me. Stop sage, I think. Just be calm and enjoy the moment. I keep walking, hand grasped in nialls when I look in front of us and see Liam, starting to go for Avalons hand but he seemed scared, probably of what she would react to it.
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