The One That Got Away

When the band members of One Direction and there girlfriends are involved in a terrible crash, most of them are permenantly injured
But Zayn luckily is alright
Except for one thing
He is expected to lose all his memory in a few weeks
Will Zayn continue his everyday life as a pop singer
Or will he forget he ever knew One Direction?


1. Everything Will Be Alright

We all just sat there
Eleanor was quiet
Louis was quiet
Niall was quiet
Harry was quiet
Liam was quiet
Danielle was quiet
I was quiet
I could barely move without screaming in pain
"We are really lucky" Eleanor says turning her head painfully
"I know" i say barely moving my mouth
"Poor Zayn" Harry bursts into tears on my lap
"I would hug you but my arms broken"
He chuckles
"Thats what you said when we met"
I laugh
"How do you remember?"
He cheekily grins
"I have my ways"
A nurse walks in, pale white
"You may visit Zayn"
I push my wheelchair alongside Danielle who has a red face
"I hope i can dance again" she squeaks trying not to cry
"You will Dani" i say taking her hand
She smiles as Eleanor and Louis push us into the hospital room
"Zayn?" Liam walks over to the hospital bed
"Liam" Zayn says forcing himself to smile
"Vas Happening" i say standing beside him
"What happened to you guys?"
He looks down at me and Danielle and crys into his pillow
"Its not that bad" Danielle croaks
I nod
Zayns face is red and he continues to cry into the fluffy pillow
"Liams alright apart from a few scratches"
"Louis has a broken wrist and a broken leg"
He hobbles over to Zayn
"Harry broke his finger"
"Are his curls alright?" he laughs with everyone else in the room
"What about your ski jump?" Niall asks
We all laugh again
"Are you alright Niall?"
He walks to Zayns side
"Just a few cuts down my leg"
Zayn wipes his face looks at us
Dani, Eleanor and Destiny do you mind doing something for us
I nod
He smiles
"Would you give me and the boys a few minutes alone?"
I nod
"Of course"
I wheel out with Eleanor and Danielle following
As we sit outisde the door we hear music starting to play
"Aww" tears fall down my face
"There singing" Eleanor says smiling
Danielle does a little dance making me and Eleanor crack up
Liam pokes his head out
"You can come in now"
We nod and wheel back into the room around Zayn
"Im so sorry" he says starting to cry again
"Its not your fault" Liam says
"We are all idiots and its no-bodies fault"
Zayn nods and rolls over to me
"Im sorry Destiny"
I bite my lip and turn away
"Its alright" i whisper
He smiles
"How long was i in a coma for?"
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