As Long As You Love me

Angelina is your typical teenage girl. She loves Justin Bieber just like her two bff's Jasmine and D'J. Angelina,Jasmine, and D'J get a big surprise when Angelina finds out that her mom had become the official manager of Justin. Will the three girls lifes change? while they make and break the girl code book? who knows read on to see what happens in this enlightening story of As Long As You Love Me.


1. The morning it happend

Angelina,Jasmine,and D'J were just waking up while Angelina's mom came barging in the door.

"Girls wake up and get ready I have a big surprise for the three of you!"shouted Caroline Angelina's mother.

The three girls woke up and put on their clothed helped each other do their hair and heeded on downstairs to see the biggest surprise that Angelina's mother could of ever had.

"Mom omg is that really him omg omg omg."said Angelina hyperventilating.


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