As Long As You Love me

Angelina is your typical teenage girl. She loves Justin Bieber just like her two bff's Jasmine and D'J. Angelina,Jasmine, and D'J get a big surprise when Angelina finds out that her mom had become the official manager of Justin. Will the three girls lifes change? while they make and break the girl code book? who knows read on to see what happens in this enlightening story of As Long As You Love Me.


2. Love at first sight

When I saw him I was so happy. I couldn't believe my eyes he was really there in my house sitting on my couch staring at me! Justin Bieber was really in my house looking at me the  whole time. His eyes were like fire they were so daring. " Hi Justin I love you." was the only thing my big mouth could say that didn't sound jiberish. My mom interupted saying " well im justin's new manager." In shock I shouted "this is the best day ever." The whole time justin didn't take his eyes off of me. I could tell this would be the best summer ever. My mom told my friends to say bye to me cause we wouldn't come back for maybe a year. Jasmine and D'J left right after saying bye to me and justin. I asked my mom where were we going."well were going on tour silly now go pack your things we leave in 20 minutes."replied my mom.

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