Nikki is an 18 year old who has a guy friend named Max. Nikki is a huge fan of One Direction and One direction is actually going to visit California. What if Nikki and one of the band members fall in love with each other? Does Max get jealous? Read to find out!


7. To the Movies

Max's P.O.V.

I looked at the clock, 6:00. Wait, 6:00?! I have to go over Nikki's!

I put on my black, dark jacket. I don't need to look that good, I just need my regular clothes. 

I'll just walk there, 10 minute walk. Whatever.

Nikki's P.O.V.

Where is MAX?!!! It is already almost 6:30!!! Ughhh. I'm already ready. I'll go text him.

To Max:

Where are you?!! They will be here any minute!!!

It took a while for him to answer so I decided to call him. Ring! Ring!

"Hello? Max! Where are you?! They will be here any minute!!!" I said too loudly.

"Relax, I'm coming ok?" He said calmly, I could definitely hear the noise of cars and people.

"Ok." I replied and hung up.

5 mins later...

I was just on twitter, while someone rang the doorbell. Max! I got up from the couch and opened the door. I didn't exactly see who was there so I said.

"Max! Thank goodness you're here!" I said while opening the door.

It wasn't Max, it was Louis!

"I'm not Max. It's me Louis!" Louis said as he made his way into my house. I didn't even let him in yet!

"Sorry, my friend is actually running late." I said as I kept the door open, hoping Max would come.

"Actually, he's already in the car. We saw him walking to your house so we just picked him up there. I'm here to pick YOU up." Louis corrected me.

"Oh. Oops. Sorry!" I apologized.

"It's ok. Well let's get going!" He said as he went out.

I took my bag and headed outside. I went inside the car but there wasn't anymore space. So I had to sit on someone's lap. My instinct was to sit on Max since I was kind of embarrassed to sit on the other guys' laps. I took too long to decide on who to sit on, so I was pushed to sit on Niall. Niall didn't mind so I was relieved.

10 minutes later...

Finally! We're here! We had trouble trying to get in the theaters since fans and reporters were crowding us. Some reporters asked why Max and I are here. Some said nasty comments about us. But we all ignored it and went inside safely. We bought popcorn and went inside. Finally!

The movie was about to start so I sat next to Max and Harry. Max made a good point of sitting next to him. Because during the movie, I ended up hugging Max and Harry. Weird.



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