Nikki is an 18 year old who has a guy friend named Max. Nikki is a huge fan of One Direction and One direction is actually going to visit California. What if Nikki and one of the band members fall in love with each other? Does Max get jealous? Read to find out!


3. One Direction or Max?

Max's P.O.V

Ok, now I'm in shock. I just wonder, will we get to see the whole group? 

"Nikki, will you just help me set up our stuff so we can relax?" I asked as I was handing her, her beach chair.

"Fine." She replied.

Nikki's P.O.V

I set up my beach chair, our table, and took a soda from the cooler and went near the crowded group. Ok, overprotective best friend listening to music while using laptop, check. Good, now I can look what's going on.

I just noticed, it was 1D!!! I went there and met all the members! ALL! I even got autographs. I finally saw them left alone from the fans. So I went over there and hanged out with them. They were really cool.

"So, Nikki, did you come here alone?" Louis asked.

"Umm... no, I came here with my best friend." I replied.

"Isn't your BFF looking for you? Or is she looking for us?" Harry asks as everyone laughs.

"He's not a big fan, and he is not a girl. He is a boy, who is the bestest friend in the whole wide world!" I bragged to One Direction.

Suddenly, I noticed that I left Max there. So, I excused myself from 1D.

"Max? Were you awake the whole time?" I ask, hugging him.

"Umm, yes I was. I know you were with One Direction, and I guess it's time to leave now, Nikki." Max sadly answers and pulls away from my hug.

Did I really hurt him? I have got to do something!

"Wait! Let's go to the water first! Please, it's still 1pm!" I beg him, and pull him towards the water.

"Nikki, let go! Sto-" He was pulling away until I splashed water on his face. 

We laugh and played water for 5 mins. He finally gave up about the going home thing. And we laughed,talked, and ate for the rest of the day.

Harry's P.O.V

That Nikki girl is really cool, I wish I could get to know her really well. There she is hanging out with a guy(that is probably her best friend) laughing,talking, and playing. I have to admit, I am kind of jealous. But I don't want to ruin her moment with her best friend. I will just talk to her ALONE in some other time, but not now.

Nikki's P.O.V

BEST DAY EVER!!! I got to meet 1D! I had the best time with Max, and here I am looking at my twitter. OMG!!! I cannot believe that HARRY EDWARD STYLES asked ME to go talk to him in this restaurant he has on reservation! Plus, he wants me to talk to him ALONE!!! I can't wait to tell Max! But what will he react to it? I will take the risk and not tell him.


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