The Unexpected

She lives a normal life; goes to school, helps with the family, but has a small social life due to school and helping the family. Her day starts off like anyone else's, going to school. But when she gets asked for help from the middle school principal, the unexpected happens. Caitlyn has to deal with the unexpected for a while. What's the unexpected? Will it change her life? All she has to say is, "They are just 5 normal guys!"


2. The Principal's Office

I entered the principal's office, scared out of my mind. I have never been called down here before.     I walked up to the door and noticed he was typing away on the computer. I walked up to the door, which was open wide, and knocked. He stopped typing and looked up. "Hello Miss Ray."   I smiled. I don't really like it when teachers call me that. "Hello Mr. Davis. And you can call me Caitlyn you know."   He nodded the. Laughed at himself. "Ah. Sorry. I keep forgetting." And I had no choice but to laugh too. Then everything went silent. I knew Mr. Davis. My parents and him were are friends. No one knows but me and him. And my parents. And some of their friends. And some of his friends... Where am I going with this?   "Am I in trouble?" I ask scared still. I was shaking a bit.  He looked at me then laughed. I just stood there confused.     "No. No. Your not in trouble." I sighed a huge sigh of relief. "You drove here right?" I nodded. I got my licences a bit early. "Ok good. Mr. Jones wanted you to come to the middle school for a awhile and help out."   I stood there confused. "Help for what?" I asked.    Mr. Davis looked at his computer again. "He said something about the Chinese students." Oh yeah I completely forgot! Every year our school has a foreign exchange program. They decided to do it this early because we don't have school next week. You see...   "So can you do it?" Mr. Davis asked. I looked at him then nodded. "Good! Go get your stuff and head over. I will tell Mr. Jones." And with that I left. 
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