The Unexpected

She lives a normal life; goes to school, helps with the family, but has a small social life due to school and helping the family. Her day starts off like anyone else's, going to school. But when she gets asked for help from the middle school principal, the unexpected happens. Caitlyn has to deal with the unexpected for a while. What's the unexpected? Will it change her life? All she has to say is, "They are just 5 normal guys!"


4. Just Kidding

I made my way up the marble steps, past the white columns and through the big glass doors to the grand lobby.   

I am just kidding.   

I made my way up the long pathway, avoiding the step of the curb that I usually trip on, and up to the left set of maroon painted double doors. I opened them and stopped, forgetting the second pair of double doors. I opened those and looked to my right to see our statue of our mascot, the cougar.   


Oh how I missed the surge area. Nothing but the few sets of doors, some leading to the outside, a couple leading to the cafeteria, a few leading to the gym, and the staircase leading to the 7th and 8th grade hallway. The office to my right. The sign caught my eye, as always. The light up sign that says the date and time; October 30, 2012 2:36. I also noticed our spirit wear, shirts, jackets, sweat-shirts, pants, and backpacks. I saw down the little hallway leading to the nurse's office, teacher workroom, copier, principal's office, and at the end was the guidance office. I made my way around the corner and through the office doors.   


"Hello Mrs. Alva!" I chirped. I hope she remembered me... She looked up from her two computers and, I kid you not, she did a double take and the look on her face was priceless!  


"Caitlyn...?" she paused.


"Caitlyn Ray... Is that you?" She asked again.   


I tried to hold back my laughter. "Yes Mrs. Alva... It is." I said letting some of my laughs come out.   


"Wow... You haven't changed one bit!" she exclaimed.   


I was confused. "Thanks?" was all I could say. She just laughed.    "Mr. Jones is in his office. You can just go in," she said. I laughed and thanked her and headed down the hall to the principal's office.   


I walked up to his door and noticed he was on the computer, typing something. I knocked on the open door and he looked up. "Hello Mr. Jones."  


"Ah..." He smiled. "Hello Caitlyn. How have you been?" he asked all casual like this is an everyday thing.   


"I'm fine. How about yourself?" I answered then asked back. Again, casual.   


He sighed. "I have been a but better." He looked at his computer again. "The Chinese students are here."   


I didn't need anymore explanation after he said that. "On it! I will go talk to Tang Lou Shi *pronounced Tong Lou She* right now!" I chirped then left. I exited Mr. Jones's office and made a right to the guidance office. No one was there so made my way out and made another right. I past the drinking fountains and the restrooms, past the industrial tech and news many memories...  I continued down the short hallway, which had the art room on the right side, and into the mini surge area, consisting of a back stairwell leading to the 7th and 8th grade hallways and the library, the doors to the LGI (choir) room, the music room, another hallway leading to the surge area, and a hallway leading to the 6th grade. I went straight and found Ms. Tang's room. Her room was right next to Mrs. French, who teaches French and Spanish, room. No time for a walk down memory lane...  


I entered Ms. Tang's room to find only her in it.   


~~~A/N~~~ Hello! Happy Halloween (late I know, sorry). Sorry for not posting when I said I would. I got home late and yesterday I went Trick-or-Treating (as a nerd lol) and then today is my birthday so I gave you all a present! So, to those who are reading, what do you guys think? GUESS WHAT! I am telling you all, the guys come in, in about 2 chapters! Can't wait!

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