The Unexpected

She lives a normal life; goes to school, helps with the family, but has a small social life due to school and helping the family. Her day starts off like anyone else's, going to school. But when she gets asked for help from the middle school principal, the unexpected happens. Caitlyn has to deal with the unexpected for a while. What's the unexpected? Will it change her life? All she has to say is, "They are just 5 normal guys!"


5. Chinese

Chapter 5   Chinese   "Nǐ hǎo ma?" HOW ARE YOU?   Mrs. Tang turned around startled, not knowing it was her favourite student. Just kidding. Once she saw it was me, she laughed.    "Wǒ hěn hǎo。Xièxie。Nǐ ne?" I VERY GOOD. THANK YOU. WHAT ABOUT YOU?   "Wǒ yě hěn hǎo。" I ALSO VERY GOOD.    We both laughed. I remember quite a bit. Although, I had to brush up on it a bit. I took a quarter of Chinese in eighth grade. I loved every minute of it, but I took four years of Spanish instead.    "It's so nice to see you again!" Her accent stuck out as usual. But I could still make out what she was saying. She came up to me and have me a hug. Mrs. Tang was a bit smaller than me, always had been.    "Nice to see you too!" I sang. I miss Mrs. Tang. She made Chinese class fun.    She real ease me and made her way to her desk. She was about to ask me something when her computer, yes computer, rang like a telephone. She clicked a few buttons and then scurried out of the room. Before she was about to step into the hallway, she turned around.    "Sorry," my old Chinese teacher said with disappointment. "I will be back soon." And with that she left me in an empty room full of Chinese decorations and desks.    I was looking around the room, taking in the memories, when I came upon a piece of paper. It was folded and crumpled up. I bent down to pick it up and unfolded it. It was a nice picture. It had the 1D logo with some of their sayings and a few cartoon pictures of all 5 boys.    The paper was sticky. I looked at it and it had purple smudges all over it. Looks like someone was hungry in class. That or somebody really likes jelly.    I wrote Mrs. Tang a note telling her I'd be right back, went to the bathroom. I set the piece of paper on her computer and left her room. I made a left past my old teachers' rooms and I saw the bathrooms. Right when I was about to go in I saw something laying on the ground in the hallway. I went to go pick it up. It was a piece of paper, like from the Chinese room. I didn't open it. But it did stick to my hand. Stupid jelly... I picked it off my hand and headed towards the bathroom.    As I was passing the boys restroom, I heard some talking. I stopped and listened, but it stopped. I was about to continue on when a hand come over my mouth and dragged me into the boys restroom.    ~~~A/N~~~ WOW!!! 114 readers, 7 favourites, and 1 like!!! Thanks so much! How is the story? Oh, and if you wish to know how to pronounce the Chinese words, just say the word and I will tell you all. Now how about we get up to 10 favourites for the next chapter?
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