The Unexpected

She lives a normal life; goes to school, helps with the family, but has a small social life due to school and helping the family. Her day starts off like anyone else's, going to school. But when she gets asked for help from the middle school principal, the unexpected happens. Caitlyn has to deal with the unexpected for a while. What's the unexpected? Will it change her life? All she has to say is, "They are just 5 normal guys!"


8. 911 What's Your Emergency?

The looks on theirs faces... It was so hard to hold in the laughter, I mean REALLY hard! But I stayed strong, I stayed serious. I can't even begin to explain the looks on their faces. Alright pull it together Caitlyn!    I crossed my arms and put all my weight on my right foot and stuck out my hip. I put on a serious face and looked at all of them. "So you going to start on those apologise letters or do I need to make a phone call?"    They were all frozen. Harry snapped out of his trance and looked at me with squinting eyes. "She's bluffing," he mumbled. The rest looked at him while Harry stared deep into my soul. I stared back looking deeper than he was looking. "She's bluffing," he said a bit louder.    I raised an eyebrow at him. "Oh really?" I questioned him. He smirked. That was my cue. I pulled out my phone. I dialled the number.     "911. What's your emergency?" a lady asked. I smirked.    "Hi. I would like to report a kidnapping." The boys' faces... Oh my god! Harry's face changed to a from then they all started to panic. I couldn't help it anymore. I bursted into fits of laughter. They all stopped panicking and looked at me with confusion. "Bye Chloe!" I said between laughs then hung up. They were so confused! I took a deep breath in, then out.    "What just...what did...what..." Poor Liam couldn't finish any of his sentences.    "Happened... I do... Is going on?" I finished for him. He, and the the others, were shocked. Poor them. "I'm sorry," I said looking at my feet. They probably hate me. "I would never have anyone do that to apologise, let alone threaten them like that," I said feeling the guilt rise. I feel bad for what I did.    The unexpected happened...   Louis came up to me and hugged me. I was frozen with shock. "That was brilliant!" he exclaimed. Everyone nodded their heads. "How did you manage to do all that?" Lou asked while set me down.    I took a sec to let this sink in. They weren't mad? "You... You... You guys aren't mad?" They shook their heads. "How? I practically threatened you," I said quieting and finding a sudden interest in my shoes.    "It may have been mean, but it was amazing! Or as Louis would say, amaZAYN!" exclaimed Niall. Zayn rolled his eyes at what Niall said.    "Well... I say it phenomeNIALL," said Zayn cracking a smile.    "Don't forget fabLOUIS!" said Curlie.    Louis jumped, and I mean jumped, in. "And brilLIAM!!" he screamed.    Liam let out some laughs. "And extraordinHARRY!" said Daddy Direction.     I couldn't help it. "And exceptioNIALL," I said as I earned some weird stares. "What? I heard two for Niall." He fist pumped the air.    "So you need to explain how..." said Liam all innocent.    "Ok." Where to start? "I was mad at you guys for dragging me in here, but once you apologised I did forgive you. I wanted to have a little fun. I felt bad but I wanted to see how long it would last. I have been in drama since 8th grade so I am good at staying serious," I soon got interrupted.    "What about the police call?" asked Liam.    I just laughed at that. "Me and my friend always do that. She once called me and I said that and she bought it. So now we do that to each other every time we call each other. Plus we have gotten to the point where we can tell our voices apart over phone. So no matter what I try, she'll know it's me," I said smiling. The room filled with 'oh' and 'I get it now' and couldn't help but laugh. Then it hit me...   "Oh my gosh! I need to go. Uh... Stay here? I don't know." I was about to exit when someone grabbed my wrist. Harry.    "Where you going?" asked Liam.    I sighed and got out of Harry's grip. "Well, I am here for the Chinese exchange program we do. The principal asked me to come help and I told the mandarin, Chinese, teacher I would be back, I had to use the bathroom. She's probably wondering where I am. Gotta go! Stay here. I will come back later." And with that I left.    I was halfway back when someone ran into me and we both fell. I was on my back on the ground and inches from my face was...    Louis     ~~A/N~~ Sorry for the long wait... I have been busy. I hope you like it!
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