The Unexpected

She lives a normal life; goes to school, helps with the family, but has a small social life due to school and helping the family. Her day starts off like anyone else's, going to school. But when she gets asked for help from the middle school principal, the unexpected happens. Caitlyn has to deal with the unexpected for a while. What's the unexpected? Will it change her life? All she has to say is, "They are just 5 normal guys!"


1. The Announcements

"Good Afternoon Cougars!" 


Sigh...time for the afternoon announcements. 


"And these are our Friday afternoon announcements."


It was literature class, my last class of the day. Actually, my last class for a while.  You see...


"Congratulations to the football team for winning the championship!"


You could hear the cheering throughout the school...and this is a big, and I mean BIG school. Our team was pretty good this year. Last year, well no so much. They would act bad at first then they would get ahead then lose it all. But that changed this year. They really whipped themselves into shape. 


"Also...the volleyball team, both of them, won tournament last night."


Wow. Our school is pretty great at sports. Some of my friends are in volleyball and I knew they could do it. They all thought they couldn't but hey, did you hear what I heard?


"And another..." He paused. "The cross country team, boys and girls, got first in their tournament."


Now, that is a big group. Probably 60-80 people are in that sport. Most of my friends were in it. Most of the directioners were in that sport. At least they will never be board. 


"Tennis will meet next Wednesday," 


Finally my sport. But next Wednesday? We won't be in school and what time? As if he was reading my mind...


"Even though there will be no school then..."


More cheering rang out throughout the school. 


"The coaches want a practice, just one. It will start at 4 o'clock and go till 6 o'clock school time." He paused once again. "That concludes the announcements. But we do have a few call downs... Jane Smith, Emily Adams, Austin Mrozinski to the front office and Caitlyn Ray to the principal's office."


I could feel the stares stabbing me in the back. All eyes were on me. I sat in the front so I couldn't see who was looking and who wasn't. I just slumped down into my desk and peeked up. The teacher just nodded at me. A signal. I got up from the chair, grabbed my binder and textbook, and headed out the door to the front office. 


"That's all. So have a good week off and see you in 2 weeks!" 


That echoed throughout the empty halls. But they weren't empty for long. Noise soon filled the air, laughing and talking, the occasional screams from getting scared or dares or them just wanting to scream for the heck of it. 


I made my way to the stairs leading to the downstairs and made my way past the crowd of students to the office.  


'Was I in trouble?' I asked myself. 'I never get in trouble.' I kept thinking of why I was being called down. I didn't do anything. Maybe I was framed! Nah. Who would frame me? 


My thoughts have been interrupted when I entered the front office. It looked pretty empty, besides the secretary and students that were called down and the occasional teachers walking in and out. I made my way past the desk and to the principal's office. 

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