Moments (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

Lara has never been a fan of One Direction. That is, until her best friend Sophie forces her to go to a One Direction concert. One look at Lara from Niall will be the start of something big.


2. You Owe Me Big Time

*Lara's POV*
"Soph, I don't like One Direction! Why would you think I'd go to one of their concerts?" "Because, you're my best friend and we would do anything for each other, remember? Come on Laz!" She said. "Oh my god FINE. But u owe me big time!" "OMG thanks Laz your the best!"
*Sophie's POV*
YESSS! Were both going to One Direction! AHHH I can't wait!

Yes I know this chapter is small, but the next one is gonna be better.
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